Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let me help you.

Ever since I've posted the HHS (Hot Hair Scale), this here blog has been getting two keyword searches pretty frequently: "how to get james blake style hair" and "how does ted mosby do his hair"...Let's tackle James' first, shall we?

Meet James Blake, okay so maybe this was just another excuse to look at him. He's pretty!

Now, if you can look past those smouldering (really spell check? With a 'u'?) chocolate-y eyes and lovely smile and how fabulous he looks in that suit and the sexiness of that wee bit of stubble and did I mention his eyes? Ahem, and we're back. You will notice that his hair is, how do I say this like a lady, gone-a-missing. To achieve this look, I recommend ... wait for it ... I am about to drop some knowledge ... shaving your head. You heard it here first, gents. To kind of quote Barney Stinson "I think you just dropped something, YOUR JAWS, I'm about to aid and abet a wedding head shaving." That was hilarious in my head.


Oh, Ted Mosby, you with your deliciously dishevelled locks!

I am no hair expert, but it looks like you just take some gel and ruffle your hair a bit, voila!

I am glad I could be of some assistance in these matters. If this little blog helps just one man achieve hair hotness, my work has been done well.


  1. Hmmm, you can have Ted Mosby, but James Blake? OMG, he is 100% gorgeous! Wow, who needs hair? I can see why you want to have his babies...

  2. That's sort of how I do my hair, gel, ruffle, done! It's amazing. Although, it sort of looks like crap afterward. I still can't cut the frizz. Oh well.

  3. Susan - James isn't he dreamy? Le sigh. Someday he'll see how perfect we are each other.

    Sara - I am sure it's fabulous! Frizz is a demon. One I am alllll too familiar with.

  4. I think James Blake needs to pay me a house call. He's delicious! : )

  5. I heart you. And this.

    And can then there was THIS:


    You're very welcome.

  6. And did I Mention this, too:


    Oy vey.

  7. Hmmm... I posted two comments but they're not showing up?

    Methinks because my hormones are ebulliently gushing forth?

    (HA! I've been waiting to use that word for YEARS now)

  8. And then I saw that the comments are being moderated. :P

    Carry on, then.

  9. Burn - you goof! You've got my type nailed (like you did last night? wait, what?)...Although that guy with the beard kind of freaks me out. Not all comments are moderated - just posts 5+ days old. because I forget to check if people comment and then I couldn't enjoy your brilliance!