Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's take a moment to be materialistic.

When I landed in Australia nearly (gulp) two years ago. I told Jess that I wanted a pair of black ballet flats. These were the requirements: they had to be cheap, they had to be adorable, they had to be comfy.

I could not find them. I saw everyone and their mother wearing cute black ballet flats and I just couldn't find a pair that suited me.

When I saw these:

I caved a bought them.

They are not perfect. They are green. They weren't cheap. They are adorable. They're not entirely comfy...yet! Did I mention they're green?

You'd like to think I'd wrap this into a life lesson. You know sometimes the things that suit aren't exactly what we're looking for...or something. But I really just wanted to show you my cute new shoes. Mr. Anonymous Commenter told me to splurge for my birthday. And I listen to you!


  1. "You know sometimes the things that suit aren't exactly what we're looking for."

    Very well said!
    Will you marry me?
    Oh wait, you wanted to marry that tennis guy.
    Never mind.... I guess I'll have to find another woman with cute green shoes.

  2. Green shoes, green shoes, green shoes make me happy! Do you like my song, I think you do! We should make a video. almost like Let's go too the mall, tooday.

  3. DDG - Oh what the heck! let's get married!

    Becky - Green shoes, green shoes, make me snappy. A little bit of snazz a lotta pizazz. green shoes are made to cru-iiise!

  4. These are so much cuter than black ballet flats! Why have what everyone and their mother is wearing? Oh yes, I think James Blake would find these fetching.

  5. I LOVE them. You aren't, per chance, a size 39 and interested in time sharing your ballet flats, are you?

  6. Susan - the problem is that green matches very little - black matches everything.

    Ev Rev - I wish I could! I am a size 36 - ie. TINY.

  7. I'm glad you splurged...I'm touched you listen to me...I would never steer you wrong...#:-)

  8. You'll see I'm visiting the Southwest...for a short while...#;-)

  9. Anon - Oh, I listen :). and noted.