Monday, September 07, 2009

A Note to James Blake

Dear James,

What's with the choking? You could TAKE Robredo - but no, no you choose to just run around the court and look pretty. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. You got skills, kid. Use 'em.

Let's make out Let's not fight, my love.

I adore you, but do us all a favour and make it to the semi's of a major before you retire. THEN, I'll marry you. Deal? (No, you're right. I'll marry you regardless of how much you win. I can't argue with you - I just get disgruntled when your forehand breaks down).




  1. Now that's true love...even when your mans down for the count...your still rooting for him. Of course looking pretty helps...he does such a good job of it even when his forehand breaks down...#:-)

  2. I believe in him, Mr. Anonymous! Oh, I believe! Le sigh. If only he had more confidence in his backhand.

  3. I Believe in you Miss Decoybetty! You'd be a great catch for any man...just don't be in any big hurry. Wait until Mr Right comes along...just for'll know.

  4. I'll take Robredo, thank you. He is hot hot hot

  5. Anon - Wow thanks! Yeah, he's out there, you're right. :)

    Bernthis - You can HAVE him! :)

  6. :-( Since you are stealing my man, can I be your bridesmaid?
    I promise I will behave myself.