Friday, September 25, 2009

Speaking the King's English

Remember this post? Well, as you all know I'd like to stay here permanently indefinitely. It is going to be hard. In fact, my whole life is kind of a mess and I'm struggling.

There is one way in which I like to deal with this kind of struggling...that way is laughter.

On Wednesday, I travelled 30 minutes by train and 10 minutes by bus and 30 minutes by foot to register to take an English test. No, you read that right. I have to take a test in the only language I speak. A test that costs more than my last 4 pairs of shoes combined.

I am a terrible standardised test taker. Truly awful. And I can only afford to take this test once. Holy Jebus, the stress.

But they don't make taking this test easy. No siree Bob.

You have to apply at the test centre - thus the trek. You have to bring passport photos, a copy of your passport, your actual passport, not to mention the reams of paper work. My lovelies, that's just to register to take the test.

This test has four parts.
A. Reading comprehension. In rereading this post, I think I mean that I'm stressed out, there has been a lot of busy work and hoops to jump through to even register for this test and I am not good at taking tests...How'd I do?
B. Listening - I think this proves I am a listener. Are we in agreement? Sorry, I didn't hear you.
C. Speaking - I just got off the phone with my mother. I think she understood me.
D. Writing - How I am doing here? Am I being clear?


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling so stressed out. I know oh so much how you feel! I'm struglling with my dissertation. I just don't want to write it but I can't graduate if I don't deliver that damn bookwork :(

    But this post was about you and not about me :) I hope you get to find time to relax. The test will go fine just wait and see.

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  2. Ah! It sounds like the TOEFL! I'm imagining that that is for some sort of permanent residency and since the Australian gov't has no way of weeding through native speakers from non-native speakers you get to take it. Yippee!

    I'm actually teaching several TOEFL training classes now, fyi :p

  3. DDG - I love to hear about you! tell me more tell me more. Yikes, a dissertation - just the word makes me shudder.

    Sara - Much like the TOEFL but not. There is a point system - I need to have a certain number of points and to get that number of points I need a certain score on The Test. Boooo. I'll shoot you an email if I need help studying :)

  4. Yeah, I guess I'll give you a pass on D. :P

  5. We have full confidence in you and your'll pass with flying colors...even though their red white & blue(and thats a good thing). You go girl...#;-)

  6. Kyle - Hah! Thanks.

    Anon - their flag is so pretty. With the southern cross - le sigh.

  7. I sincerely admire your strength and independence. It's fun for me to read your blog, and remember when I was your age. I don't think I would have had the maturity and tenacity at that stage in my life to tackle some of the things that you are. Seriously. I'm proud of you. :-)