Friday, September 11, 2009

"Why can't you be in a good mood? How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood once in a while?" A Lloyd Doblerism

Yesterday, I decided to be in a good mood.

While I was writing something for my internship I looked up "iterate" on mostly because I thought it was one of those words like "whelmed" where you really need a prefix to make it a word. But no, iterate is actually is a word. It means to say again. Then I must ask, why do we reiterate anything? Could we BE more redundant?

I have a date tonight with Zee Arteest, a 32 year old graphic designer. We're meeting at a bar and there are two things that make me nervous about this date:

1. I have a rule about dating guys who are as old as Middle Brother - and Zee Arteest is as old. I am not sure what the fear is, that if things work out they'll [my brother and the boy] have more in common than he and I [me and my brother] do? It's particularly weird because I've always felt more comfortable with guys my brothers' ages - I understand gen x jokes better than my own generation's.

2. I feel really self conscious walking into a bar alone. It is something I've avoided my whole "bar going" life. I feel really uncomfortable in bars in general, they are really not my scene. There are the drunk people, and the drinking, and the booze and did I mention the drunk people? Let me iterate, it's about the drunk people. But, bring it on, bar - I am walking in, alone.


  1. The solution to sitting in a bar alone? Show up late. Make Zee Arteest sit alone. He's an artist. He's probably pretty good at it.

    Is "Zee Arteest" French per chance?

  2. Maybe reiterate is the word you use for when you have to say things over and over before they get it?

    And I'm the same. I don't like being in bars on my own, though you know, the more I do it, the more comfortable...or the less uncomfortable I'm getting to be about it.

    Looking forward to hearing about the date.

  3. Ev Rev - Brilliant! No, he is not French. Italian Australian.

    Frisky Librarian - Maybe! Hm, Maybe that is a good technique just tackle the uncomfortableness. :)

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments! And - good luck on the date! I feel ya though about the bar thing - I have always found myself quite uncomfortable in that environment. I try to fake it, but usually it is not long before I want to get the hell outta there. but - I really hope it goes well!!!

  5. I agree about the whole bar thing although there is something quite liberating about doing it alone. Holding your head up high, sashaying in, effortlessly hopping on to one of those impossibly high barstools...
    I iterate it is liberating but only if you can do that. I'm all about stumbling in because my head is in my bag pretending to be looking for something so I don't have to see everyone watching me coming in to a bar alone. And I have never managed a barstool in my life without embarrassment.
    Hope the date went well !

  6. Jociegal - It is one of those things that's fake it until you make it.

    Selina - seriously, what is up with those bar stools? Why are they so impossible. Perhaps I should purchase one to practice on?

  7. Sadly, season 4 isn't on dvd yet. Just got it off the interwebzzzz.

    And thanks! It felt like a date to me too. I guess we will just see as things progress. Have another "not sure if it's a date" tonight! :-D

  8. Ooooh, I definitely would not like going to a bar alone if I were a female... believe me, I know how stupid most of my gender can be when they get drunk and see a girl alone...hahaha!