Sunday, October 11, 2009

7 hour date...No, Seriously! How is a person charming for that long?

We met at Fed Square. Where a man in a flaming unitard threw flaming batons around and asked audience members to participate - he scarred me for life. I skyped with Bobo on my phone while I waited for my date to arrive. "Oh no" I typed..."Oh no...he is wearing a flaming lycra unitard. Mother of jesus he just said 'kids don't try this at home. I'm a professional in a flaming unitard.'" Seriously, my darlings, I could not escape the bonal this weekend. And let me tell you...I tried.

Inspector Climate walked up. We got some hot chocolate and walked down to the river where we talked for hours. I mostly remember (and yes it was only yesterday) trying to make him smile. I could get drunk off his smile. It starts with his top lip - right above his two front teeth and spreads out to light up his whole face. He has smile lines around his mouth and the corner of his eyes that ripple as the hint of laughter transforms his face. Could I have come up with a more lame description? How do you describe something

I know this sounds like I have fallen deep into the land of smitten - and while the possibility is there that I could, I haven't.

But that's all you really need for a first date isn't it? Possibility?


  1. NO WAY! 7 hours, you and the marathon dates are like one! Did he wear stripes, because that would have wooed me instantly!

  2. seems you had a fun,good for you.

  3. Sigh, your date sounds great.
    7 hours? Wow, the possibilities are endless :)
    AND he has a nice smile....

  4. awwww! that is lovely! I want to know more. Thats so not enough information.

  5. Becky - I know, I'm one with the marathons, unless they involve running...and then I am not. No stripes!

    Blacksnow - thanks! Fun was had.

    DDG - Thanks, well, maybe not endless...

    Ev Rev - I know, I know! I'm just not sure how I feel yet...

  6. Intoxicating and possibility... that's all you need, kitten. Go!

  7. Pah! Seven hours and that's all you've got for us? *stern face*

  8. Will we get a follow-up about the second date?? :-)

  9. Chris - I'm going! I am going!

    Frisky Librarian - I am sorry! more to be revealed, I am sure!

    Erika - of course!

  10. Sounds great - love the description of his smile! I am almost smitten myself...