Friday, October 30, 2009

Bed, Bath, and Beyond...

First of all, in Australia they have Bed, Bath, and Table. Apparently, "beyond" was slightly more existential and vague for the Australian public. Second of all, this post has nothing to do with the beds the store.

The night before last, Inspector Climate and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning whispering and making out cuddling. Secrets were shared and stories were told. He gave me permission to post a photo (he knows of the blog just not where the blog is) - so Evolutionary Revolutionary, I give you his smile:

Probably the most telling of these secrets was not any thing that he told me, but just an observation on how Inspector Climate squeezes the toothpaste out of the tube (for the record, this is no way a euphemism...but it does sound dirty doesn't it?). Which is he just squeezes any which way. I come from the school of squeeze the toothpaste out from the bottom of the tube which if you've ever read one of my favourite guilty pleasure books Serendipity by Melanie La'Brooy you'd know that apparently people who squeeze from the bottom are serial killers (the book is not about serial killers, but about an Australian girl named Hero and her best friend Sunday). I swear the only thing I kill serially is ants - and mostly only when they have the nerve to climb all over me. I am not a human jungle gym.

How do you squeeze your toothpaste? (It just sounds like a that's what she said joke, doesn't it?)

*Updated 30 June 2010, removed smile pic - due to html error. Sorry!


  1. Oooooh! Look at those pearly whites! bravo inspector climate! It appears that his squeezing of the paste does the trick!

    Meanwhile...Bridg: Squeezinf Willy's nilly is FAR dirty than we should go here! ;)

  2. We Australian's are unruly! So of course we squeeze any which way...

  3. What a great smile! Your post made me laugh so much. Serial killer? Euphemism? Haaa!
    I squeeze the toothpaste out from the bottom too :) And that's the only good way to do it. Boys don't know what they are doing ;)
    Be careful of ant bites. Yikes!

  4. That is a smile to take to bed and wake up to. That is a smile to comfort you when you are feeling a little sad. That is a smile to be mischievous with. Oh, wow, that smile is a keeper smile. I would like to believe that the owner of that smile is capable of great emotion and affection. I would like to believe that the owner of that smile does not even own a bag of tricks. Does Australian speech come out of that divine mouth? Because that might just be too much to handle.

  5. Bridget - Hah! Love it.

    Ev Rev - Hm, I am not sure his toothpaste use had anything to do with how the date went ;)

    Ruby - You are unruly! I like it.

    DDG - Finally, another bottom squeezer (seriously, what are talking about?)!

    Susan - He does have an Australian accent, it's totally unfair.

  6. I'm also a bottom squeezer. Here looks like a safe place to admit to that.

  7. Hahah... it is a that's what she said joke. I'm pretty sure. I'm so behind the trend and I just found out about that a couple of months ago.

  8. Matthew - This is a safe place to discuss a number of important topics :)

    Sara - Hah - true. But I swear I was just talking about toothpaste....

  9. I squeeze from the middle for a while, then I'll squeeze from the bottom as it empties.

    But that comment is secondary to the following: he has a beautiful smile! I can see why you're charmed!