Friday, October 09, 2009

Bonal? No, damnit that's not right!

Today has been an odd day.

As I walked to yoga, a high school boy accidentally palmed my ass. He apologised; I still felt awkward.

I spent about 5 minutes trying figure out how to explain to my chiropractor what is wrong with my back. I don't feel like it's muscular, I feel like my bones are rubbing together in my back. It's bonal. No, no. Wait. That's not word. *snicker* bonal. No, wait. What is it? Oh! Skeletal! heh heh. Bonal.

A first date tomorrow with Inspector Climate. Yikes!

Updated to add (this was the most important part...I can't believe I left it out!): So, I go to hot yoga. The studio is heated to 29 C or 85 F (so not as hot as Bikram), but hot. The women who attend the class are always in various states of undress and there are a few guys who don't wear shirts. But today. Today. Oh, Today. A man was in the class wearing the shortest tightest shorts I've ever seen on a human being. And as he got into down dog and the shorts creeped up his hairy butt I had a hard time focusing on my breathing. It was horrifying. I was moments away from seeing something bonal...and that is NOT how I like to practice yoga.


  1. Good luck with the date. Hope he's not "bonal" !!!

  2. bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I now have a visual that I cannot shake...

  3. Dickal? - sounds too close to tickle

    Penisal - sounds like an ointment

    Penal - actual word

    I could keep going. I have a PhD on this after all.

    A pretty HUUUUUUGE...


  4. Hahaha... hot yoga, eh? So I asume that the guy with the hairy butt was not hot?

    Have fun with your date and have a nice weekend!!!

  5. Selina - Hah, thanks :)

    Kelley - You and me both.

    Burn - Also Australians frequently use Dicko as a nickname for are funny.

    Scrambled Jill - Any time.

    DDG - Actually, after class when he put pants on I was like "who's that hot guy!" There is a time and a place for removing one's pants...Yoga is neither the time nor the place!

  6. I hope your bonal problem[s] are resolved soon. Both of them. Damn bones.

  7. It's just that you slay me, you really do!!!

  8. Chris - If I had a nickel for every unresolved bonal problem...

    Becky - it's just that you get're the cheese to my Glutano cracker.