Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cranberry Juice and I go way back, like way back. Also: announcing the winner of the Haiku Cookie Challenge!

I had a dream the other night that I was part of a vampire gang that was fighting another vampire gang.

(Now, I should say that while I have read Twilight, it was last year. I haven't been watching any vampire TV or vampire movies. In fact my life has been quite devoid of vampires for quite some time).

Instead of drinking human blood we drank cranberry juice to prevent us from killing innocent humans. Obviously. Why haven't vampires others thought of that before. It's genius!

Also there is a winner of the Australian Cookie Challenge.

It was a tough choice my lovelies. I hate that people have to lose! I didn't choose Becky because she's my bestie ... and all she needs to do is say "high knees" (heinies - no, no one else is laughing?) and she'll have Tim Tams up the whazoo...

And then I wanted Twisted Susan to win because everyone deserves cookies!

But no, the winner is The Demigod. I then had this crazy idea of mailing around the pants as well, having everyone take pictures wearing them, and then it'd be like the blogosphere of the travelling pants. But who has the time! E-mail me your address dahling and delicious cookies shall be yours!


  1. I have dreams that people are holding me hostage. Of course that is usually after watching some crime drama. But not always. I wonder what that says about me?

  2. Are we not doing werewolves no more no more?

    (And by 'doing', I mean raaawwrrr).

    And also, the cookies are AWESOME. SAUCE. Or at least they will be when I get 'em.

    AND please to send around the sisterhood of the traveling internet pants for to take pictures? MORE. AWESOME. SAUCE.

  3. Sara - maybe you feel really confined?

    Burn - haha - Look i adore werewolves. I do! but my subconscious has gone another route...hah! I'll think about sending the pants :)