Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The culmination of awesome, yo.

Yesterday, I heard about the two greatest sayings possibly ever. The first was when I was doing my morning blog check and I checked The Bloggess and she linked to her advice column. And someone in her advice column needed advice concerning the Douche Canoe she was dating. I cannot stop giggling about douche canoe. DOUCHE CANOE. Seriously, funny!

Then I was talking to my darling friend Rhea who told me what one of her friends had called her: a snoozy panda. A snoozy koala makes all the sense, but I didn't think that pandas were particularly snoozy. Are they the snooziest of all the bears? Snoozy Panda.

These top my love now rate up there with my love for "negative Nancy," "Debbie downer," and "chatty Cathy."

Last night Jess and I had Cheese Night. Cheese Night is where you gather 4 of your favourite cheeses in this case: Brie (we baked it, oh holy delicious), Gouda, sweet chili covered goat cheese, and the triumvirate-of-tomato-basil-and-normal-cheese-that-I-can-never-remember-what-it-is-called-but-know-Jess-loves-it surrounded by grapes, red capsicum, rice crackers, apples, and pear. After we gorged ate like ladies, we were lounging on her bed and decided to watchthe best film of all time Step Up 2 The Streets. Where we (re)learned a very important lesson. You can't make a convincing argument unless you follow it with yo, yo!

Douche Canoe, yo!

Any good sayings twirling around your head at the moment?


  1. I made my husband watch Step Up 2 The Streets and we have not gotten divorced, even though he's a lawyer so he wouldn't have to pay for one. I think that says a lot about the delights of this masterwork of cinema.

  2. It's high quality cinematographic genius cannot be denied. Unlike broccoli, fungus and ball sweat - that can be denied.

  3. Fungus and ball sweat??!!! You crack me up. I haven't seen step up 2 yet, but maybe I should, yo :) But I watch step up 1. Channing Tatum is yummy.

  4. DDG - Oh, watch it. But I'd suggest doing in with other like minded ladies and it helps if you comment on all the heartfelt angst a lot. Uh oh - you're a channing tatum girl?