Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dabbling in Playahood, yo diggity.

I just got back from another first date. First of all, this makes me feel like a player. And I can hear Susan saying I am not one that dating a few guys at once is actually probably a wise move, but I can't stop that feeling that I am. Mostly I suffer from guilt complexes. I think it's the culmination of the Catholic and Jewish mix that is me - a guilty guilty girl.

Anyway, today's date was with The Schoolboy. For the record, he is NOT a school boy; he is my age. He once called himself a school boy though and I can't think of a better nickname for him at the moment.

We met on Chapel Street. While I was waiting for him to arrive, two girls walked by and one said to the other with a touch of the indignant and a chip on her shoulder "I am like 10 years younger than he is, how dare he blow me off!" I laughed out loud. Yes, how dare he not be interested in you! I am shocked and appalled by his audacity - to not like you, you gold digger, trophy wife wannabe, nitwit.

Anyway, The Schoolboy and I enjoyed a cup of coffee hot chocolate and three hours of conversation. I spent a fair amount of that time watching his blue eyes and wanting to run my fingers through his hair. Do you ever get those weird impulses? Like sometimes it's rubbing someone's belly on the tram or fixing someone's collar -- not that I ever act on any of these impulses. I'm weird, but not crazy! Jeesh. But with The Schoolboy, his hair just looked soft and was begging to be ruffled.

At first I thought it was going to be horrible, that he wasn't going to assist me in making conversation and leave all the work up to me. And I cannot stand for that. But soon we were swapping stories about sport and footy. We talked about fashion (headbands on men are not ok - we agree). We talked about weird rules that we have (he only watches R or G movies for example. I, well, you all know my rules and regulations).

Seriously though, I want to play with his hair.


  1. I love weird rules like that. I don't shave my legs on the first 3 dates - that's one of my weird ones!

  2. i always want to pick lint off people on the metro. But maybe that just makes me a monkey...

  3. Haha, you are so NOT a playa! But if you feel like one, good for you, enjoy it! I am really glad that you are keeping your options open, i.e. maximized. It sounds like you and Schoolboy had nice chemistry - what a nice way for a first date to play out. You really have a knack for drawing out the goofy and irreverent in guys - that's a tough thing to do! You must make people feel at ease very quickly.

    BTW, I love Ruby's rule. Not shaving your legs for three dates means you are "Schick-blocked" and will resist the temptation to hop into the sack prematurely!

  4. It's been a long time since I dated, but I had a difficult time dating more than one boy at once. Looking back, I wish I'd been better at it.

    Sounds like you had a nice time with Schoolboy. Weird rules are good!

  5. Ruby - Hah, nice! Have you seen the How I Met Your Mother where Robin tries to shave her legs with butter?

    Ev Rev - exactly! You get me!

    Susan - I just don't want to hurt them! Thank you! That is such a nice thing to say!

    Chris - It's hard! What are some of yours, Chris?

  6. YES. Headbands on men are so NOT ok. Somebody tell that to the Italians please!

    If you want to be a player that's fine by me...I enjoy reading about other people's dating adventures now that I'm an old married fart.

  7. Where do you meet all these guys? The one online site I'm currently frequenting just brings me really scary men. All your guys seem cute and quirky.

  8. Kyle - honestly, what's with headbands on men? it's NOT a good look...

    Becky - I don't know! He didn't say anything about a second date...

    Megs - They're not all nice and quirky...

  9. yes but some of them are. I don't even get nice and quirky like ever. I mean maybe 1 in like 50 and it takes me a really long time to get to 50.