Saturday, October 17, 2009

"It's just a little crush (crush!), not like I faint every time we touch"

I've started this new thing where at 3 am I wake up and have a really hard time getting back to sleep. So, I toss and turn and then get really tired at about 5 am (when I normally get up) and sleep until like 9. It's horrible. No one enjoys it.

Particularly on days like yesterday. Yesterday was John-the-Beatle's birthday (Happy Birthday John-the-Beatle!), and the plan was to wake up at 5 am and make him a white chocolate cheesecake with cookie crumb crust. I, however, woke up at 3. I fell back asleep at about 4 and was shocked and appalled when my alarm went off at 5. But I hopped out of bed, and immediately started cake making. Note to all your bakers, an electric hand mixer is imperative. Whisking cream cheese and eggs together by hand is exhausting!

As the cake cooled, I went to yoga. I came back cut up strawberries and grated some milk chocolate for topping and waited for John-the-Beatle to call me so I could stop by and drop off the cake and wish him a happy birthday. By 2, I was at his house eating cake, yum!

By 3 we went back to the city where we wandered around the Yarra river and Southbank. By 6, John-the-Beatle headed home to hang out with his family, and I burned an hour in Borders waiting for my second date with Inspector Climate. He took me to dinner and to the Eureka Tower, which if you don't live in Melbourne, is the tallest building in the city and perhaps the Southern hemisphere. By the time I met Inspector Climate, I was exhausted. Truly exhausted and while I apologised and explained the situation immediately, I tried to get over it. But if you know me, I don't really handle exhaustion well and by 930, I was ready to curl up on the Eureka Tower floor and sleep.

Number of times:

I blushed: 4

I knew we both knew there'd be a next time: 5

We walked around the Eureka Skydeck: 3

He was shocked to find that I've been to Walhalla: 1


  1. oh I long to have that in my life. OH boy do I.

  2. I was an early-to-bed date girl when I was younger too! I'm glad your heart's going pitter-patter. What fun!

  3. How fun. It sort of reminds me of my first few dates with my boyfriend. Of course we had some awkward moments where I had no clue what he was saying due to his Spanish and resulting Chilean accent, but it was fun. I had butterflies. It was exactly like the song lyrics in your title.

  4. Bernthis - Aw! You just need to track down a boy with an accent - they automatically make one swoon.

    Chris - If only more people would embrace morning dates...

    Sara - I am sure there were awkward moments - have you written about them?

  5. Hooray for Inspector Climate! (Doo doo doo Inspector Climate, doo de doo doo doo. WOOHOO!)

    Also? I quite frequently do the wake up at three am thing. Same time every night! If you're superstitious, some people believe that 3 am is the hour that spirits are most active. Perhaps you have a dead relative who want to chat?

    Or maybe we're just getting old. (GASP! Never.)

  6. You wake up at 5 am??? But it's so sweet of you to make a cheesecake for your friend. I love baking too :)

    What did Inspector Climate do or say to make you blush? No, no, don't tell! A little mystery is a good thing ;-)

  7. Ev Rev - Well, I did just have a family member pass away...hmmm

    DDG - haha! I frequently wake up at five it's when I do my best thinking!

  8. After just completing my first marathon on Sunday that Cheesecake sounds amazing.... Post the recipe...

  9. I have little tingles running up and down my spine. I fell head over heels for my husband the first time I saw him and the reason? Not his turquoise eyes. Not his cool and funky style. Not his longish touchable hair. No. I fell for his crow's feet. And the laugh lines around his mouth. Well done.