Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A sentence I never thought I'd write in an academic paper

"No one is concerned about the mobility of giraffes" True story.


  1. What the hell are you studying? The Jungle Book? :D

  2. Well, I'm a little concerned now that nobody else is concerned.

  3. Many thanks for visiting me over at Pen And Paper, it's always lovely to meet new people - please free to call by any time.
    With regard to your post, Ruby took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. Wait, should we be? Am I missing something? AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE MOBILITY OF GIRAFFES?

  5. i am.

    i'm concerned.

    i'm also concerned about why their tongues are black.

    we should be concerned NOT ONLY about their mobility but also their dental hygiene.

  6. Ruby - Basically, yes. :)

    Becky - It's just that you get me!

    Angryredhead - I know right? Who will speak on behalf of the giraffes?

    Petty Witter - Thanks for stopping by here! :)

    Bridget - In short, yes. In long (?), not really.

    Tia - The black tongue *is* a valid concern. I am sure it serves some purpose though, right?

  7. I think just by this post you have made at least 20 people concerned about the mobility of giraffes.

  8. won't SOMEBODY please think of the Giraffes!?

  9. Megs - you're right! I've done my part, and boy does it feel good to make a difference ;)

    Diva - Seriously!

  10. That would make a nice t-shirt saying.