Thursday, October 15, 2009

A snippit.

And look, I am even smiling, Susan! I spent that morning snuggling with her, my little niece.

That morning, one June day in Colorado, I woke up - probably at some ungodly hour like 3:02 because I was jetlagged beyond belief. I put on that shirt, which yes thank for asking DOES have a platypus on it. My nephew who was eating breakfast looked at me and said "You know, that looks like a kids' shirt."

Oh, Nephew, you are wise beyond your years.


  1. Awww.. you have a cute niece and smile :)

  2. Who wouldn't smile in a platypus shirt?

  3. I want a better look at the shirt! Looks like you and your niece were having a lovely day.

  4. DDG - She is so cute!!! And thank you.

    Twisted Susan - Exactly! A platypus maybe?

    Chris - Next time I wear it and I'll snap a better photo, I promise.

  5. A platypus shirt? CRAZY FUN!!


  6. And you have a beautiful smile! It lights up your whole face, though I confess I'm also partial to your enormous eyes/crazy hair pics. Well, if that sweet little niece couldn't make you smile, I'd judge you hopeless.