Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yesterday was just...odd.

A. I finally made a solid batch of gluten-free crepes. No, please hold the applause.
To achieve:
1/2 cup of milk
1 egg
1/4 cup of all purpose gluten free flour

Enjoy. (I put whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries in mine...wait, now I have to mop up the drool).

A and 1/2. For Megs, here is the cheese cake recipe. I used 10 eggs and 1 kg of cream cheese. Do not use 14 eggs like the recipe says. I've made that mistake. I also made a cookie crumb crust because I don't know what scotch finger biscuits are but I assume they are gluten-y and it reminds for some reason of Austin Powers- for you gluten eaters I'd suggest a graham cracker one.

B. I was standing outside of the classroom waiting to go in and this woman marches up to me and starts blabbering on about Malaysia and research or something. I, for the record, had been writing a text message and did not realise she was talking to me until it was FAR too late in the conversation to do anything about it. 10 minutes later we she is still talking about something, I don't know the poorly insulated building and how it's a billion degrees on the top floors and a chilly temperature in the basement lecture theatres. But then, oh then, she brilliantly segues into this one time when she lived in an Anglican College in England and some how ratted out the entire college's (ie dorm) drinking problem to the archbishop of the Anglican church or something. "How was I suppose to know that the guy in the purple shirt with the white collar is the Anglican Bishop?" - She obviously didn't win the Bishop award in high school is all I am saying.

She was also very unfortunately dressed. She was wearing, what I can only assume, to be a purple long sleeved leotard tucked into high waisted jeans. That look suits no one's body type and it was doing her no favours.

C. As I left the class and walked to the tram a woman quickly starts walking with me and asking me directions on how to get to Swanston Street which is only confusing because we were ON Swanston Street. I assume she meant to be going into the city and pointed in that direction hoping that I could stop the crazies from talking to me for a brief moment. But no, alas, she continued to walk with me and quiz me about my career goals.


  1. Some days we just attract the crazies, don't we? At least there is gluten free yum at then end of that tunnel.

  2. Interesting that she chose to quiz you about your career goals. Did she approve of them?

  3. This: "She was also very unfortunately dressed" made me laugh out loud. I'm going to use it from now on ;)

    And lord, the crazies always talk to me too. What's up with us? Do we look crazy too?

    Mmmm, crepes...

  4. Seriously why am I not there to partake in the Crepes goodness ??!

  5. Seems I attract unusual folks all the time. Even as a child, the... different children... always liked me.

  6. Ev Rev - wise words, my dear, wise words.

    Ruby - no one ever does...

    DDG - Please do! I've wondered that, do we attract because we appear to be of the crazy?

    Becky - No, seriously, why aren't you here?

    Chris - hmm...maybe we have some smell that just makes them FLOCK to us.

  7. ahhhh, you have that sign on your forehead that says 'I speak crazy'!

    I had one too, that is why I grew a fringe and keep my head down.

  8. Dear GOD! Why do these random people always talk to us? I think you can join the elite ranks of the freak magnet society. I've been a member since birth.

  9. Kelley - OH! that's what's on my forehead? It makes all the sense now.

    Sara - Ah, God I can only imagine what the induction ceremony is like to this club. Surrounded by CRAZY people while you try to complete a certain number of tasks?

  10. hi..i'm visiting from magnetoboldtoo's blog...loved your post. my husb was recently diagnosed with celiac disease..i tried making gluten free bread last week. omfg...complete disaster. do you have a good recipe? if so..many thanks in advance :0