Monday, November 02, 2009

Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple streudels, Doorbells and sleighbells and whoa whoa whoa you're telling me that's NOT Yiddish for noodle pudding.

Last night, my housemate and I were yelling at the tv aggravated and deeply annoyed by the Australian Idol contestants choice in songs and insistence that they, the contestants, exist. Every three seconds or so a commercial for KFC's Schnitzel would blare across the tv.

About the fifth time we saw the ad, I worked up the nerve to ask my housemate what schnitzel actually was because I was pretty sure it was noodle pudding. You can never been too sure with these Australians, they have their own words for schnitzel stuff. So, when she was all insistent that "it's crumbed chicken" and my jaw dropped and I immediately got a little, I am not going to lie to you, hysterical.

Do you mean to tell me that all these years when I have sung "My Favourite Things," that all these years I've been singing about CRUMBED CHICKEN? The song has lost all delight for me. I don't want your stupid schnitzel with noodles, Maria.


  1. Well the original schnitzel is actually Veal. We have bastardised it in Australia and have it of the chicken variety. The Melbournians have taken that even further and prefer the variety with Napoli Sauce and Cheese on top - The Parma!

  2. For reference:

  3. I also felt the need to shout at Idol last night. Ah well.

    I thought there was a rule about fast food joints and prime time advertising space? Maybe it's not come in yet - or maybe a schnitzel doesn't count as fast?

    Then again, KFC aren't exactly zippy in my experience, so maybe they're exempt.

  4. Funny how you can mishear lyrics. For years I went around, happily singing "I'm a BOBBY girl, in a BOBBY world, come on BOBBY let's go party" until Niece #1 pointed out they were actually singing "I'm a BARBIE girl". Whoops, my mistake.

  5. Schnitzel has its moments. When it is made well it can be great, but bad Schnitzel is awful.

  6. Oh dear. My shocked and saddened vegetarian friend. Sorry you had to find out like this... *hugs*

  7. At least the only thing wrong with Australian Idol is bad song choice. We had a miss count announced the Idol, only to later realized it's the wrong one. So now we have 2 winners. Makes you wonder if the previous winners actually won. I lost all faith in the voting system...

  8. Ruby - I am familiar with the parm phenomenon...But still I can't believe it's not noodle pudding.

    Matthew - How annoying was it? I mean I think there were *some* good song this decade...Right?

    Petty Witter - Hah, that happens to me ALL time. This time it wasn't mishearing lyrics - just not knowing what it meant.

    Jack - I am sure it does...

    Chris - Me too, Chris. Me too.

    Elle - Really? Yikes!

  9. Oh dear lord! You crack me up. I make a damn good schnitzel. Yum, I love it :)

    Noodle pudding? Bwha!

  10. "it's crumbed chicken" What? But, it's not chicken. Oh well. Sounds sort of like the Chilean version of pizza. It's a slice of cheese on a piece of bread with a tomato on top. Really?

  11. Haha, that's kugel you silly! I once went to Austria for a few days and every menu looked like this:

    Veal Schnitzel
    Beef Schnitzel
    Chicken Schnitzel
    Surprise Schnitzel

    It's not only crumbed, it's deep fried. It's like a heart attack on a plate!

  12. kugel, indeed. Here the KFC has "rods" which I wrote about just the other day. I don't even know what those are. Zingers, either!

    I don't think we have schnitzel here, but I will report back if I see it. I'll google something clever to get here!