Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you speaka my language? No? Foster's: Australian for beer? Nothing? Ok.

Inspector Climate found my blog. And by found my blog, I mean that I used his computer to update it a couple of weeks ago (it is NaBloPoMo after all), and I didn't clear the history...This has been his response:

"How I squeeze toothpaste, really?"

"Five times? Five? I thought it was over..." (whoops! - I said I was tired, jeesh! Since when does "I am tired" translate into "I am not interested"??)

"I totally get why your readers want more juicy details, I was there and after reading it I wanted more dirt too."

(These are paraphrased, obviously. I mean I don't speak Australian ... )

Anydoodle, as you know, Inspector Climate took me to Philip Island on Saturday night. He said I could post photos of him as long as I am in them too (demanding much?). We snoozed with koalas, we frolicked with penguins, we swam - well, we jumped in and out of the water, we hot tubbed, we went to a seagull conservatory...ok, I am sure it was more of a bird reserve, but seriously y'all, it was heavy on the sea gulls.

Being the photographing genius that I am, I took all of one photo (of a koala!) and a video (of a koala!) which left any photos of humans in the capable hands of Inspector climate.

Who by the way, offered no assistance as I struggled to order herbal tea at the restaurant.
Me: Do you have any herbal tea?
Waitress: Sorry?
Me: Herbal tea...[totally not getting the fact that Australian's pronounce the h]...
Inspector Climate clearly enjoying the awkward language barrier...
Waitress: Oh, her-bal tea...yes.

Le Sigh.


  1. Cute and I'm not talking about the koala's.

  2. Bigger! I need bigger pictures!! (I know, I am never satisfied.) They looked super cute, from what I could tell through all the squinting. Now let's see those babies close up! :)

  3. Language barrier between people who actually speak the same language are even more hilarious.

    I felt like such an idiot when I couldn't understand Ireland. Ummm, no parlo ingles?

  4. I agree with DiaryofWhy. Bigger pictures!

    Glad that Inspector Climate finding your blog has worked out OK - this happened to me once and it wasn't fun...but then I did say some not overly complimentary things about him...

  5. It sounds marvellous. I kind of wish you'd done the snoozing with the seagulls and had a hot tub with the koalas though. Imagine the pictures you'd be able to post then....?

  6. Her-bal tea? HA!You look so good together. Inspector climate and you, I mean.
    Awww, sweet koala.

  7. Geez, I didn't know that I wasn't following (blogwise) you.

  8. linlah - you sure, they're pretty adorable ;)

    Diary of Why - Okay okay! I'll repost one of them separately.

    Kyle - I know, totally embarrassing. Particularly because there is so much aussie slang, and I sound like a tool when I use it.

    Frisky Librarian - Ah, I am being very careful about that.

    Matthew - It's hard to snooze with seagulls, boy I tried, but those suckers are loud!

    DDG - Thanks! I don't follow anyone which makes me feel bad. So, no worries :)