Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great Interview Experiment: Optimism as a Revolutionary Act

So, two years ago Neil of Citizen of the Month started the Great Interview Experiment. The motto being that "everyone is someone." What happens is that you go comment on this post and you interview the commenter before you and the commenter after you interviews you. It's random and delicious.

The lovely Ingrid of ice is nice cream interviewed me. I knew immediately that I'd like her because she has a post about licking maple syrup from the plate, and not only do I respect that but I do it too.

Ingrid: When you were little, what did you dream of doing? (This can be a job, a fictitious dream world or anything else ;))

I thought I was going to be a vet. It went beyond dreams and beyond childhood aspirations (the childhood dream was to be like a disney heroine who could talk to all the animals in a lush green clearing and sing and dance with them). I was going to save animals lives and reunite them with owners. It was only during my senior year of high school when I did an internship with some vets that I realised I could never do it. I could never put an animal to sleep, nor was I too fond of biology.

Ingrid: Did you play make believe? If so, what?

I think I still play make believe. As a wee thing I did play a lot of pretend of getting lost in the woods and having to find my way home encountering supernatural creatures or building fairy houses out of rotting tree stomps or I played a lot of horse games and with dolls (not barbies...wasn't allowed to have a barbie). Now, I day dream all the time. Really intense daydreams sometimes they verge on hallucination - Ally McBeal style.

Ingrid: What is your favorite food?

Wow, hm. That is so hard to say. When I was little it used to be spanokopita. My mom used to make it for me for every single birthday. And then I got kind of sick of it or maybe sick from it is a more accurate term (stupid gluten). Now, it's probably a sesame noodle dish that I hardly ever make for myself (because I am too lazy to buy all the ingredients), but I always request my mumsy to make it when I go home. It's full of fresh veggies and sesame oils, and sesame seeds...yummers.

Ingrid: How would you describe your laugh? What makes you laugh?

I have a feeling what my laugh actually sounds like and what I think it sounds like are two very different things. But it starts out kind of audible and then if I really get going turns into a silent full body-dry-heave-like shaking that generally results in huge inhalations and me crumbling on to the floor.

Things that are silly generally make me laugh. The retelling of stories. Mispronouncing or misusing words (particularly when I do it). Tickling...I laugh every time my brother laughs and when his son laughs I can't help but laugh back. Look, I am a laugh slut, I'll give it up for anything.

Ingrid: Name five things you are really proud of.

5. I am impressed with how easily I've fallen into my new relationship with Inspector Climate. I am not usually so open and honest about my feelings for boys (to the boys...I'll tell anyone else...AWKWARD) (Inspector Climate when he reads this will be all "this is open and honest about your feelings...pshaw!").

4. I am immensely proud of the relationships that I've maintained since being overseas for so long. Long-distance is hard, yo. It doesn't matter if it is your best friend or your brother.

3. I am proud that I haven't run away - things are only going to get tougher for me in Australia and with my family in the next few months. And I am not running home, but standing up for myself.

2. On a similar note, I am impressed that I haven't gotten overly downtrodden about the state of affairs of my visa and job (or lack there of). Well, so far.

1. I haven't taken the beaten path or even the easy path. I could've studied something I was good at in college. I studied physics. I could have stayed in the US, but I moved thousands of miles away. For someone who has as much fear and anxiety as I have, it's shocking how much I can man up when I need to.

Ingrid: What made you happy this week?

It just happened, like right now! I did an arm balance in yoga today! You know what that means? I actually have some core strength! No one saw this coming! Rejoice!

Ingrid: Which is your favorite blog post on your own blog? Why?

Probably either this one or this one.

The former because it did provide some real closure on my relationship and allowed me to move on nearly immediately. But it also made me feel like I had a community of people who would go and egg his house with me if the need came up. And it's important to have friends who will do that for you, you know?

The latter because it still makes me laugh. And that's important. If you can't make you laugh...who can?

Ingrid: What keeps you blogging?

Wow - I have no idea. I've always written a journal (still do), and I think it really keeps me sane. I process everything through writing, and it's so nice to have a space to bounce ideas around in or be silly or sad. It doesn't matter if I am wallowing in the darkness, which most times I feel like I have to hide from "real" people, but can just let it lie here.

Thanks Ingrid, I had so much fun with your questions! Keep licking the plate, growing up is overrated.

I interviewed Jess at Drowning in kids...It's not up as of now, but I'll update when it goes up.

UPDATE: It's up!


  1. i *love* your answers. :) and the title of your post. so glad to meet you.xo

  2. This is a nice idea. I'm a total sucker for finding out about who's actually writing the stuff I read.

  3. A great post - such honest answers. Not too keen on maple syrup but I'll happily lick chocolate sauce off the plate.

  4. Ingrid - it's so nice to meet you! I had so much fun doing your interview! :)

    Matthew - I know right? You want to know the people behind the website.

    Petty Witter - is that because you've never had *real* maple syrup?

  5. hi ingrid..just wondering..what made you decide to move to oz? i am from there originally (well..born there but grew up in png)..i am living in the usa and love it :)

  6. How did I miss this post. I love it. You are so good with words.

  7. Lisa - I don't think Ingrid lives in Australia. But I moved here because I studied here for a semester in college and lo-oved it and had to come back. it just feels like home.

    DDG - Aw thank you!

  8. I loved reading your answers! You remind me of myself in some ways.