Sunday, November 08, 2009

If I told you...

If I told you that I spent Saturday evening in a row boat with a boy who paddled me around the Yarra - practising man-over-board drills with floating water bottles - laughing and sharing stories and hopes for the future, would you believe me?


  1. Oh my God, can I live your life at the moment? That is surreal!

  2. Yes, yes I would and I would be quite envious.

    Good for you.

  3. Hopes for the future and man over board sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. Ditto Frisky Librarian and the angry redhead!

  5. BlackSnow - Oh, good!

    Ruby - Right? Who is this guy?

    Frisky Librarian - Thanks!

    DDG - I know right, I won't take it for granted...promise.

    Angryredhead - Aw, I am jealous of your awesome hair AND your new job :)

    Linlah - I know right?

    Ev Rev - Aw!

  6. Ok awesome you are living my dream.

  7. you went paddling with someone else! Jealous! Okay not really... I like inspector climate too much to be jealous :)