Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Inspector Climate Details...well, a few details.

On Monday night, Inspector Climate cooked me dinner.

Oh, you know that detail already? Sorry.

He cooked some kind of stirfry with tomato and chilli sauce and brown rice. It was pretty tasty.

We also went for a walk, where I got majorly sunburnt and look like lobster.

Oh wait, you know that detail, too? Apologies.

We walked the trail that he normally runs. But that is all I know about it. It's somewhere in a North Eastern suburb and when you're there walking by the Yarra it's easy to forget you're in the city. Which is nice. Because the city has been making me feel a little claustrophobic recently.

And now, I am back sitting on my bed proofreading essays to hand in this afternoon. I smell slightly of his cologne. Perhaps the strangest thing, if you know me at all, is that I like it. I like smelling like him.

I've agreed to play tennis with him in a few weeks if he comes to yoga with me. Oh, the hilarity of it all. He tells me that I'll forget all about my love for James Blake once I see him play tennis. My lovelies...I just might I could never.


  1. Woo woo! Now please, for real though, you need to spill. Don't you know that there are people trying to live vicariously through you?!

  2. Boys who smell nice are good. :)

  3. Boy smell? Best thing ever.

  4. That smile and he can cook... I predict you will be forgetting James Blake the second he steps on the tennis court. ;)

  5. I love when you talk about a man who's caught your fancy! More, more!

    A man who cooks you dinner AND smells good is definitely a keeper in my books.

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  7. I remember that feeling.

    Oh, how wonderfully delicious and terrifying.


  8. There is nothing better than the lingering smell of someone, is there? :)

    Okay, maybe there is - but it's pre-watershed.

  9. DiaryofWhy - Alright, Alright, c'mon now it's only day 4 of november, you've got 26 more days of spill :)

    Scrambled Jill - Amen, sister.

    Angryredhead - I am not sure all boy smell is good, but his is.

    Megs - You may be right.

    Jummy - Thank you. I think he may be :)

    Kelley - I still cannot get over your baking skills. I think about those hamburger cupcakes far more frequently than is wise.

    Matthew - I think it's not the smell - it's the memories that linger.

  10. Um, as an "authority" on hooking up, I think I deserve to know all relevant details. Just want to make sure you're getting everything you deserve ;-)

    (Just kidding. When I say this to my daughter, she says "Get outta here, and mind your own business.")

  11. Oh the delightful high of a new man. I second DoW. We're living vicariously here so dish!

  12. hahahahaha! It's just that I heart you! And no one could make me forget my love of fernando, so I can't imagine you forgetting your love of blake!