Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Inspector Climate Update

He made me dinner last night. I know right, could he be sweeter? Today, we took a walk and I got sunburned. How awkward.

Tomorrow back to the real world, essays. boo!

How are you?


  1. Aww that's so Cute!! But seriously women, where are the details?

  2. Just what I was wondering Becky. What did he make you for dinner, where did you walk? and so on. It really is all in the detail though too much info isn't good either.

  3. How exciting! Glad things are going well.

    I'm a bit tired today, with a long list of things to do. Overall, no complaints. Thanks for asking!

  4. I'm fine! But what did he make you for dinner?

  5. how did he make you for diner? good luck with the essays

  6. Me?

    Yeah, I'm good. Usually am, in all truth.

    Cheers for asking. :)

  7. Becky - Hah, maybe in today's post!

    Petty Witter - Alright alright, more answers to come!

    Chris - Did your boys get a lot of good candy loot to perk you up from the tired?

    DDG - Jeesh, you people are demanding :)

    Black Snow - Thanks!

    Matthew - Yes, you! I am so glad :)