Saturday, November 07, 2009

Money Making Idea - if it already exists...lie to me.

You know how there are those really expensive photos you can have taken of yourself and your friends at some tourist location?

You know how I you like to send postcards from said tourist location?

What if you could get those photos printed on a postcard?

Stroke of genius, y'all.

What location would you like your photo/postcard taken at, perhaps here on out dubbed the phostcard?


  1. fabulous idea and because I'm a photograper I may have to send you royalties.

  2. That really is a fantastic idea, Deidre!

  3. I would like to send a postcard from Portugal or Australia. Can I come visit you?

  4. linlah - Hah - please do!!

    Jummy - Why thank you.

    DDG - YES.