Saturday, November 28, 2009

Process Report: Needs Improvement

A while ago I wrote about the steps in the Learning New Things Process. In case you're curious I am oscillating between steps 2, 3, and 4. Which could explain why I haven't slept well all week, why I cried myself to sleep on Thursday night. And why when on Thursday, I attended a seminar on how immigration policy is changing I may or may not have cried in the lecture theatre.

If I ended up shelling out 342 big ones to take an English test that I DIDN'T NEED TO TAKE (for various reasons like oh, it's the only language I know OR because they are changing the rules). It's not going to be pretty my darlings.


  1. Embrace the process!!! Especially if it means that the next step is "Achieve New Thing". :)

    Hugs darling!

  2. Laugh more, stress less. Easier said than done, no?

  3. Go make some gluten free chocolate chip cookies. You will feel better, trust me.

  4. Ev Rev - I am not quite sure it's the "next" step - but I suppose we are getting closer.

    Kyle - Oh, is *that* the formulae? I've been living it as Laugh less Stress tons - whoops! I'll rectify that immediately.

    DDG - Haha, I am sure they would cure it, but I am saving them for a truly bad day.