Monday, November 09, 2009

These types of things are rarely funny...let ye be warned.

So, I was looking through my keyword searches, did I just hear a collective groan of boredom?

And amongst the normal ones for schnitzel and shiznit there was this, "vampire do not wear polka dots lesson plans."

I am fine with the first part, I didn't know it was a rule or anything, but if vampires, as a monster, don't wear polka dots then fine, it's a bad fashion choice, but fine.

But lesson plans? Is someone teaching this? Is there vampire school?

Any ideas?


  1. Well I think I have something to teach my little charge this week...

  2. I get keyword envy on such a regular basis. Mind you, it serves me right for being a depressing so-and-so....

  3. Hahaha, I just tweeted about how someone found my blog by searching "I f***ed my mother." People are weird.

  4. I got one about "making her drink sprite out the window and pretending it's p..." I have scratched my head so vigorously about that that I now look like I have mange. Sometimes I think it's best not to play the searchword game. Too much ick in the world!

    and also, the poor polkadotless vampires.

  5. No boredom here I'm easily entertained by search word posts.

  6. vampires study in the same place as leprechauns

  7. Megs - I am so glad I could assist your lesson plans :)

    Matthew - Yes, I hear all you have to do is add "vagina" in a few times and you've got some hilarious keyword searches going your way!

    angryredhead - people are weird! The things they google.

    Eileen - Wow, that is *weird*...What's a vampire to do without polka dots? Next thing you know, they'll be banning plaid and stripes.

    linlah - Phew!

    blacksnow - do they? and can leprechauns wear polka dots?

  8. I get lots of searches for "short skirts" and "Double D's". My most common search STILL remains "Who was the first person to look at these dangly things and milk a cow". People are right curious, they are!