Thursday, November 05, 2009

Um, you kind of creep me, if it's ok I'll keep listening to my iPod. (And an Inspector Climate tid bit).

Yesterday, I went to uni to drop off two essays. As I got on the tram I noticed a whole seat was empty across from a guy listening to his iPod. Score. I made me way to the back of the tram and sat down. About 15 minutes later, I notice that this guy is singing is along to his iPod and also doing strange dance moves which I can only describe is miniature cheerleading fist pumps. I smiled to myself and continued day dreaming. He got off the tram at Bourke Street. The only reason I know and remember this is because as the tram driver announced we were arriving at Bourke Street, the guy started talking to himself "Bourke Street? Is it Bourke Street? I should get off here."

I went to uni and dropped off my essays grabbed some lunch and got back on the tram. As we went through the city who should get on my tram? Yes, the Let's Talk To Myself guy. He got on the tram and saw me and smiled and laughed like we were old friends. He came and sat with me. I smiled back, because why, exactly? I guess it's an impulse. But continued to listen to my iPod as he continued to do his tiny cheerleading fist action.

Let's face it you don't care at all about the overly muscular strange dancing man on the tram, do you? You just want to hear about this:

Inspector Climate detail...

Before our walk, I was feeling a bit sick. I didn't want to ruin our day and hoped that I would just be able to man up and walk it off without mentioning the nausea. But the closer it came to leaving his apartment, the more I knew I wouldn't make it. I had to curl up in a ball, asap, yo! I had to tell him I wasn't feeling well, and asked if I could lie down for just a second, knowing that in 15 or 20 minutes it would subside and I'd be normal again. I also asked if he had any ginger ale, which by the way is Moses' nectar for stomach pain. Before I knew what was happening he had hopped off the couch and had gone to the milk bar around the corner to get me some. How can you not fall for that? No really, could he be sweeter?


  1. Nope, he could not be any sweeter! That is all I have to say.

    Oh, and Awwww.

  2. Ah - but can he sing along to headphone music and gyrate as he buys your drink?

  3. Sometimes I do the same thing when I listen a song I like.

    He sounds like a good man.

  4. Jummy - aww is right! :)

    24 @ Heart - indeed-y.

    Matthew - oooh, fair point. I'll ask.

    BlackSnow - Really? I don't tend to sing along, but occasionally I'll dance.

  5. I only dance when out on the street, but occasionally bop a long to the music with my eyes closed. I never sing...unless I'm alone on the street.

    Maybe I should meet your thick neck friend after all...

    P.S. what is a Milk Bar?

  6. A milk bar is Australian for corner store - usually has some food items and convenience stuff.

  7. One HILARIOUS about that man on the train!

    Two, ohh my god he's sweet! I feel like it's very similar to the time that my panda bear got me chocolate because I wasn't feeling well :)