Monday, November 30, 2009

Unrealistically Tired.

I got back from meeting with my lawyer, yes apparently I am a 24 year old with lawyer on know just in case. Anyway, I got back and it was 12. I ate some lunch, the last of my thanksgiving meal lefties, and sat down to write the last post for November and I fell asleep.

There is only one person I can blame for this: Inspector Climate. I've never been much of a napper. I usually wake up from naps cranky and annoyed, so I've spent most of my life avoiding falling asleep in the daytime. But since we've been together, I suddenly find myself taking naps. And not just when we're cuddling - although that happens too. But even when we're not together.

Plus, he makes me so happy that I think it's only fair I blame him for somethings right? How dare he given me the gift of The Nap, that jerk!

Anyway now, it's 3:17. My eyes are still heavy with sleep and my brain is slightly mush like.

I'd like to thank you for sticking by me these last 30 days. I think we've learned lots together during NaBloPoMo. Lessons include:

You like it when I write about Inspector climate, no?

You care less for my poetic haiku whimsy (fair enough).

I love Jason Segel...but we all love She's the Man.

And mostly, that no one likes moustaches - unless it's on his/her own father.


  1. It's true! I love inspector climate! (Mostly because I'm all so happy for you!) And not so much the moustaches. Thank GOD Movember is over!

  2. I preferred it when you were writing about banging Cuban girls in a seedy room on the Malencon in Havana.

    Oh. Sorry - mixing you up with somebody else.

    Been a long day.

    Yeah - Inspector Climate kinda rocks.

  3. He's given you the gift of the nap? Oh well, I suppose there are worse presents.

  4. I LOVE She's the Man. For real.

  5. Ev Rev - Truer words were never spoken, good riddance Movember!

    Matthew - Ah, maybe I can do a recap of those havana nights - although, thou must be warned it might strangely turn into a story about dirty dancing 2; that stuff happens you know.

    Petty Witter - this is all I'm saying!

    Angryredhead - I KNOW RIGHT? cinematic genius

  6. oh i hear ya on the naps. those kill me too. and really if that's all you to to blame on ICe, i have to say i am still a fan. he does sound super cute and lovely.

  7. Naps are a sign of contentment to the tenth power.

  8. Whoa, when Matthew said that, I was all "oh shit where are the archives in her sidebar?!"

  9. Rhea - Honestly you people have to stop complimenting him all the time, he'll get a big head! :) But yes, he is super cute and lovely.

    linlah - to the tenth! ye gods!

    Skye - haha, Yes, go ahead and search them, but alas there is nary a mention of cuban girls, although I am sure they're lovely...

  10. I just love, love, love that you're in love. Naps are necessary when one is in love. All that emotional energy being exchanged - exhaustingly wonderful. I. am. so. happy. for. you. And for Inspector Climate, b/c he totally won the lottery here.

  11. I think every month should be november so that you write everyday!

  12. I used to hate naps, but have grown to love them.

  13. Susan - I'll tell him you said that!

    Becky - Well aren't you the sweetest thing ever! I promise to try and write more frequently. I am going for 4 to 5 times a week!

    Jack - Well, according to Susan that means you're in LOVE!

  14. I love Eugene Hutz's mustache. Tres sexy.