Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wait, what was I going to do?

I was going to write about how I had to lie to my grandparents yesterday and how it upset me and now I want to sit alone in my room and cry, but who cares? Not you, I suspect.

Then I was going to write about my housemate thinks I am a playa because Inspector Climate came over for dinner on Monday night and she was all "you've moved on from John-the-Beatle"? and I was like move on? he and I are just friends, we still hang out...and she gave me this look like "I know you a slut, bitch." le sigh. Ok, fine. she probably doesn't think that but still it flashed in her eyes that she knew I knew she thought I was some kind of ho, you know?

So, what am I actually going to write about?

Nothing...This is for Dairy of Why and Frisky Librarian da-amn are you ladies demanding - I know it's still kind of small...I'm sorry! I am just sorry!


  1. I care that you're sad about lying to your grandparents : (

    Sorry you had to go through that.

    And sorry your roommate is thinking things about you...or that you're imagining your roommate is thinking things about you...... I hate those feelings.

  2. Yes, but when you click on it it's nice and big. :) Thanks!

    No tell how Inspector Climate got his nickname. Or did I miss that story?

  3. I don't know what you had to lie about, but I sort of understand. Living down here has made me do that a lot more. They think I live in a bubble.

    So, my roommate gave me a judgmental glower when for the first time after she got here I stayed at my boyfriend's. What she does not realize is that her serial dating multiple Chilean men is...well... I'm happy she's leaving.

  4. Dina - Aw, thanks! I doubt she is really...

    Diary of Why - Hah, maybe I will :)

    Angry Redhead - I am not sure what that means? haha

    Scrambled Jill - very. Scandalous is my middle name

  5. Whoops,

    Sara - I am sorry about the housemate troubles, it sucks not feeling comfortable where you live.

  6. OMG!!! Seriously, you two are the cutest couple EVER. D, thank you so much for another smiling pic. And why wouldn't you be smiling? He is totally dorbs, and he looks incredibly happy. You both do. Congrats!

    You are lucky you live in Australia - if you were still in New England, I would start badgering you to bring that boy to dinner.

  7. Sorry you felt bad about lying and I'm also sorry your roommate thinks you're a ho *giggle* Just forget about all those things and kiss Inspector Climate. You will feel much better :)

  8. Susan - I'd totally be coming to dinner, although be ye warned, I am a picker eater :) Thank you!

    DDG - Aw, thanks doll. I'm sure he'll appreciate that advice! :)