Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Witchy Lady

I'm a good student. And I don't mean that in a "I get good grades and you should bow to my smarts" kind of way. I mean it in that when I have questions I ask. When I don't understand something I find the teacher during office hours until I get it. I do the readings. I turn things on time. I like learning. In fact, school is one of the few things I am naturally good at.

One of my "teachers" this year, Witchy Lady, graciously agreed to meet with me about our final assignment. The first few times I met with her, she annoyed me she talked over me she didn't let fully express myself and she guessed as to what I meant before I finished explaining and then went on a diatribe about what I didn't mean. But I thought maybe I just wasn't going into these help sessions with concrete enough goals - maybe I just wasn't being a good enough student. How can she do her job if I am not doing mine? You have to ask the right question to get the right answer.

So, I went in prepared. I went in ready, armed with questions and an explanation of why I needed help. In the name of Moses, I was going to get what I needed out of this woman. So, I knock on her door and she opens it and looks at me. She says "have you always had curly hair?"

"Why yes, I have" I mumbled, already at a loss of words.

"Really? Have I just never noticed?"

"I guess not?"

"My hair is curlier than yours though" she says.

I look up at her, at her straw like hair that is wavy and poofy but decided more straight than curly...I finger my own locks, as they cascade in ringlets around my forehead. I must've looked perplexed because she said, "No really! It just has a lot of gel in it right now."

I laugh awkwardly and ask her for help. She goes on long tangent about interventions which leaves me confused because I asked her a question about community involvement.

As it turns out - you can't recover from stupidity.


  1. It's a little difficult, isn't it? I always worry the revelation is etched all over my face when this kind of thing happens.

  2. Turns out stupidity isn't catching though, so you're safe. Permanent, yes. Contagious, no.

  3. Matthew - I know right? Thank goodness I don't need to ever see her again.

    Kyle - Ah, fair point, Kyle!

  4. Oh DEAR. But at least you now know she's not so much a witch as a dunce. Same hat, basically...

  5. Freaky picture! But what's wrong with this teacher? She is not your hairdresser! Stick to the program lady.