Thursday, December 24, 2009

and then after that did we do?

Last night I was watching tv with my house mate, and a blog post hit me. It was hilarious. So hilarious that I just knew I'd totally remember for at least 10 minutes while I celebrated my genius. Like totally. Obviously. It was so funny how could I forget? I mean the belly laughs that were going to be achieved by this post were going to blow your mind. The hilarity. It was sit down on the kitchen floor funny. Goodness, Fu-un-ny.

Yeah, so I forgot what that hilarious, cramp-n-die, sheer brilliance was. I don't even know what it relates to. I might have even forgotten what was so chuckling inducing while I was congratulating myself on how scintillatingly silly I am. Or maybe it was because I forgot to write it last night and now sit here trying to recreate a moment that is forever lost. A moment that hints at true comedic talent but alas falls so short it might as well be something else, true forgetful talent. Wow, that took a turn for the serious.

I'd like to blame this on Christmas stress, however I don't feel very much stress about Christmas when it's the longest day of the year and 92 degrees. There is nothing Christmas-y about that. I don't know what you're talking about. More to the point, I think it's pretty clear I don't know what I am talking about.

What's your stance on regifting?

I really need to start writing stuff down.

I don't think there is a difference between when I pack for a week or 3 nights.

This post was better left unwritten, don't you think?

So, um, what's new with you?

Happy Holidays!


  1. Regifting?

    Is this your way of telling me that the scarlet rubber pants I bought you didn't fit?

    You could have told me before KMart's return period expired....

  2. I'm all about regifting as long as it hasn't been used. Does that make me cheap? Ah ha ha

  3. You know what's happening don't you? It's called age. You're catching up with me me!! Ho Ho Ho.
    Happy Christmas xx

  4. When I wake up in the morning my mind is racing with post ideas and the I sit up and poof they're gone. Regifting is a good thing.

  5. Matthew - Yup, that's exactly what I am saying I gave them to the homeless guy down the street, he was thrilled.

    Kristin - I like that theory!

    Selina - Age, huh? Well, hmph!

    linlah - I hate that! It's the same with dreams, you'll be thinking how much you have to remember them at night and then you wake up and shamblamee they're gone.

  6. Yep, regifting is a good idea :)

    Here's wishing you all the joys of the season.

  7. I hate when that happens. I usually dream about great posts and then wake up and think about it later, like dang... that was such a funny idea... what was it again?

  8. DDG - hope your Christmas was jolly and merry :) I am glad you concur with the regifting.

    Sara - It's terrible isn't it?