Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Being a crafty wench. Alternate title: A is Ambulance! B is for Baby! C is for Catastrophe?

As an Aunty, I made a vow when the neicephews were born that I'd try to make them as many gifts as possible. In part, this vow was because I loved getting home made gifts as a kid. But I knew that I'd never be able to compete with the presents from grandparents and great grandparents. And I know, I know how much they love me does not correlate with extravagant expensive gifts. Right?

Anyway, this year I am making my two year old nephew, Wee Bit, alphabet cards. Here are the things that Wee Bit likes: Trucks, Tools, and Animals. So, I made the cards in this vein...Don't laugh at my drawing skills, they are lacking.

M is for MOUSE


B is for BACKHOE

Q is for QUAD CHAIR LIFT, obviously.

I like my alphabet cards with a dose of silly, don't you?

What's A for you? or more telling, perhaps, what's Q? X? W? Y?


  1. What a lovely idea - I so wish someone had thought to do this for me when I was a youngster. What a great aunty you are.

  2. I love the idea and your niecephews are lucky to have you as auntie!

  3. Petty Witter - I do try! :)

    Jummy - You're welcome to steal it for your own neicephews.

  4. Q is for Q-tip. You could also add some cultural flair by putting the Australian translation: "earbud".

    X is totally for x-ray goggles, featuring a man in goggles looking through a woman's clothes.

    W is for wombat. What a ridiculously awesome animal.

    Y is the single most important question in life!

  5. hah! And Sandy, how would you draw the single most important question in life?

  6. A big freaking question mark?
    A page full of "whywhywhywhywhy"?
    A tiny black square in the middle of the page?