Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boxing day at Wilsons Prom.

On Boxing Day, Inspector Climate took to me Wilsons Promontory for the day.
This is where we went swimming, Squeaky Beach:

This is the view from the top of Mt Oberon:

This is Norman Bay:

This is Tidal River:

And this is Inspector Climate and me:
Isn't he cute?


  1. Yes, I.C. is cute... almost as cute as your tag! Smitten kitten indeed!

  2. I want to be on Squeaky Beach right now.

  3. Awesome pics. Looks like you had a splendid time!

  4. yes yes great pix but oh my god, you two look soooo cute together!
    Happy New Year - I feel like it's going to be a good one for you x

  5. I love how they called it Squeaky Beach.

  6. Wow, beautiful pictures. And yesm you two are cute together :)

    Have a very happy and healthy 2010.
    Wait, it's already 2010 there isn't it? We will have to wait a few hours.

  7. Aura - Isn't he? Le sigh. Hah!

    Angry redhead - :) THanks!

    Linlah - it was quite squeaky.

    Scrambled Jill - We did, thank you!

    Selina - Thank you! Happy new year you too!

    Sara - I know, Australians are brilliant. The End.

    DDG - I know it's crazy right, I am living a whole decade in the future!

  8. That's it I'm moving to Australia :)
    The pics are wonderful and I.C seems like the whole package. My family and I were discussing Boxing day at Christmas. How exactly are you suppose to celebrate that?

  9. OMG! Go back 5-10 years and I would have been at Squeaky Beach on Boxing Day! We used to go there all the time!

    Freaky weird.

  10. Yes, IC is cute, that smile is such a killer. However, I am so happy to see you smile for the camera! Yay, a small victory. I can only chalk it up to IC making you giddy with happiness.

  11. You are really cute!