Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The cure: Icecream and ginger beer. Duh.

1. My hair couldn't be more ridiculous could it?
1.5 Spoons make good props.
2. Today has been particularly trying and for no real reason at all.
3. I had to go to uni today for a lecture on understanding Australian Business Culture. As I walked to the theatre a group of students dressed in suits walked by me and asked me "A dollar to fight depression?" I wanted to turn to them and say, "I fight depression every day." Today, I lost.
4. Today I embraced pessimism and defeat. I am sure I will find a job, perhaps even one I like. Just like I am sure I will be able to stay in Australia. But today, didn't feel like any of that would happen. Today, I looked out my window at the beautiful sunny day and was weepy. There is something particularly bad about being weepy on a beautiful day, don't you think?
5. I am going to my first networking event tonight...what does one wear to a networking event? Will you network with me? Be part of my network - particularly if you live in Australia and happen to know of a kickass job in the environment sector...I love you!
It's so hard to pretend to care about networking when I'm so weepy.

No, seriously, my hair has a mind of it's own. It's possible I need a hair cut. Or a stylist.


  1. For what little it's worth, I think your hair looks good - but I appreciate it may be worth nothing and that's okay. If you don't like it, it must change - right?

    I do sympathise with your predicament(s). Hopefully tomorrow will be better and there's resolution on the horizon.

  2. Oh! So it was a universal day of crud, eh? I blame the full moon. She's a bastard every time.

  3. Ice-cream and ginger beer - sounds like a good idea to me. If that doesn't work, a great big bar of chocolate usually does the trick.

  4. I've been having some expat related depression too. I'm trying to figure out whether my future is in Chile or the US and the answer is def not an easy one.

  5. Matthew - Well thank you! It's not that I don't like it - it's just ridiculous, as in silly.

    Ev Rev - Stupid full moon.

    Petty Witter - oooh big chocolate bar perhaps my next port of call.

    Sara - Aw, I am sorry. It is such a tough decision. Good luck! and keep me informed!

  6. I'm with you on #4 except for the Australia part since I'm here and not there but the rest oh yes, more ice cream.

  7. It's the enormity of everything facing you and the uncertainty that goes with it. But underneath the weeps, you can see that it's actually all good and full of so much potential. So go ahead and cry - it's good for you.

    And I think your hair is amazing. My hair just hangs on my head but yours has a life of its own. It's wildly interesting - just like you xx

  8. Did you try putting the ice cream IN the ginger beer? Aw, yeah.

  9. linlah - Ah, commiseration is good, eh?

    Selina - it does seem impossssibly enormous. Thank you. It certainly has a life of it's own. But imagine all the sleek updo's you can do!

    Snadz - mmm, like a rootbeer float? but ginger beer? tasty.

  10. This whole week has just been terrible. I have NO idea what's going on but everyone around me is struggling.

  11. D, I am so sorry you feel blue. In my family, when I am feeling this way (also usually accompanied by tears) I let them know by stating, "Everything sucks!" And then they patiently say, "Well, Mama, I don't suck. The dogs love you, they don't suck. Oh, Dale called, she doesn't suck. What sucks again?" I wish I could say that this usually snaps me right out of my depression, but more often I just cry out, "Oh, none of you understand!", pour myself a glass of wine, and retreat to a corner with a book, which is my favorite escape.

    This too shall pass.