Friday, December 04, 2009

Deep down I knew he was too good to be true...

Last night Inspector Climate and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are, as the characters growled at each other I leaned over and said they remind me of wookies. He asked me if I was speaking American again, and if possibly I could translate into his language. "Chewbacca?" I said. Nothing.

He's never seen the original Star Wars movies. Gulp.

Now this can only mean one thing, he has had a faulty upbringing, am I right or am I right? I'm right, right?

So, after threatening to march out of the theatre while he gushed "I'll watch them with you! It's not like I have anything against them! Seriously, we'll watch them this weekend." Well, I stayed put, because he bought me popcorn, and that behaviour must be awarded.

But I just wanted you to know, oh internets, that it's not all naps and row boats and lovey-doveyness.


  1. What? Not any of them? I've seen at least one...all the way through.

  2. Behaviour? Behaviour??? You've totally gone over to the dark side, haven't you?

  3. Yeah... that is kind of abnormal.

  4. Um... I have never seen the (original) Star Wars movies either. GULP!

  5. haha, good that you didnt leave.

  6. Linlah - this is all I am saying, i thought it was in the boy code, or something!

    Diary of Why - I know right, they yell at me if I don't.

    Sandy - THANK YOU

    DDG - yeah, but you're a girl...But still you should watch them.

    hernamewasgrace - haha, can't leave good popcorn.

  7. Dude there was an episode of How I Met Your Mother about this very thing.

    It didn't end well.

    Watch it with him IMMEDIATELY and tell him he has to love it.

  8. He does have a faulty upbringing. I dated a boy like this once, I had to break up with him. No Star Wars = no go.

  9. I've never seen them either! Am I really missing out? C'mon now!

  10. Kelley - I haven't seen that HIMYM...That sounds dangerous...we better watch it ASAP.

    Ruby - Oh no! I think it'll be okay, I hope so...

    Jummy - You are missing out, they're great!