Monday, December 21, 2009

How to be Mr. Fantastic. Whistle, click click. awkward dance move, shoulder shrug?

My life is fantastic. My boyfriend is fantastic. My neighbours are...not so fantastic.

Why is my boyfriend fantastic? If you recall, Friday was the Sad Day. It was also a day I was seeing Inspector Climate. Awkward? Yes. I tried to play my sadness off as just being tired which naturally he didn't believe at all, le sigh, why does that boy have to get me? So, being a reasonable human being he asked me why I was sad. And being an unreasonable human being I said I just couldn't talk about it. I am not very good at talking about my emotions as they are happening. "I'm angry" or "I am sad" or "I am homesick" don't really come out of my mouth. "I was angry" or "I was sad" or "yesterday, I was homesick" those things I can talk about. Generally, after I write about them.

Inspector Climate is fantastic because he agreed to not read my blog until I didn't feel sad any more. And what do I do with that freedom? Write a homage to his awesome, clearly.

Part of the reason that I was seeing Inspector Climate on Friday was that he had planned a surprise date for me on Saturday, swoon? Totally. He took me to an advance screening (two weeks early!) of The Fantastic Mr. Fox that was being held at the Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens. The Moonlight Cinema is an out door movie going experience - it's lovely. Inspector Climate is not fantastic because he bought tickets and planned a secret date - although that is kind and generous and shows how much he knows me because I've been excited about this movie since it was in pre-production. No, he's fantastic because while he gets to be the clever and smooth fox who can whistle and click 'cause that's just his thing. But I get to be his sidekick who does an awkward dance move and a shrug - because that's my thing.

Inspector Climate is fantastic because on Saturday morning (that's probably the most scandalous implication that Decoybetty has ever seen!), after we got up he walked with me to the gluten free bakery that is around the corner from where he lives. On the way back, a sheet of newspaper was blowing along the ground and he picked it up and put it in a bin. It's so hard to be sad, when you're with a guy like that, you know?


  1. That date sounds like one of the best dates ever. I'm sorry you are feeling blue about life. I know how it feels. You have lots of people who are rooting for you.

  2. He is fantastic because he doesn't push for you to tell him what's making you sad. But the newspaper thing is definitely a bonus :)

  3. I don't know why exactly, but often when I read your posts, my eyes fill up. You really know how to get to the heart of things. IC is lovely, his intentions and actions are pure loveliness. It's a rare thing, and I know you appreciate him. IN LOVE. I wish I could disseminate that feeling to the whole world.

  4. You make me want to fall in love all over again. It's so fun to be in the stage of a relationship that you're in now. I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)

  5. I wish dave had taken to Mr. Fox like Inspector Climate did! Best date ever!

  6. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you already are ;)

  7. Megs - It WAS one of the best dates ever.

    DDG - Exactly. Although the newspaper thing is what makes my heart aflutter.

    Susan - Aw, I am glad you feel the emotion :) Me too. I particularly wish we could remove homesickness and put lovey-dovey-ness in its place.

    Chris - What's the next stage? I hope it's just as good.

    Becky - Aw, I am sure Dave would have had the opportunity arisen!

    linlah - I don't plan on it.

    Sara - Aw, thanks! enjoy the snowy winter wonderland.