Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Unplanned Side Effects of Being in a Relationship.

In a lot of ways, Inspector Climate and I are very similar. We're both a bit crazy when it comes to planning and worrying about things. Or organisation, although for the most part his organisational system is FAR neater than mine.

But like all unique humans, we differ in tons of ways too. The one that springs to mind most is that he actually talks about his feelings and talks about what is going on his life to people that matter to him. He tells his parents things, THE HORROR.

I tell my parents nothing. I talk to my parents about yoga and my friends, but when it comes to boys, my career, job applications, interviews, my visa, staying in Australia...I am a bit tight lipped. And by "a bit tight lipped" I mean I avoid talking about these subjects like I avoid the the plague. It's just that whenever I talk to certain people about stuff, their response doesn't feel like helpful response, it feels like pressure. And I put enough pressure on myself. I am all about it. It's what I do.

So, imagine my surprise when the other day, I was on the phone with my mom and I, without any parental coaxing, brought up my job search? Of course, I immediately regretted it as my mom's words highlighted all the doubts that I had about my capacity to do the job, the location of the job, staying in Australia, why I bother living at all, you know - that kind of stuff. Don't get the wrong idea, my mother isn't trying to pressure me and she didn't say anything out of the ordinary really -- this isn't her being unloving or unsupportive (which apparently isn't a word?), this is me being a nut.

But here I am, suddenly sharing things with people. And like my new found love of naps, I think there is only one person to blame...Don't you?


  1. Don't you just hate it when other people bring out positive characteristics we'd prefer to hide from others? : )

  2. Don't worry - I have it on good authority than Talking About Your Feelings is being phased out in favour of Twitter.

    Just hang in there and remain tight lipped until the day arrives.

  3. Same here, I prefer to keep some things to myself, but my best friends mom, is my mom's best friend (weird sentence) And he would tell his mom everything, and she would eventually tell my mom. In a small town there's no such thing as keeping it to yourself.

  4. twenty four - I do! I do hate it.

    Matthew - I am not on twitter, so um, I guess I'll keep mum anyway?

    Elle - aw, small towns, got to love 'em.

  5. I'm the same way. But every once in a while I dig something up in my closet :)

  6. A subject that I am fond of. In my relationship I am the blabbermouth and the planner. My boyfriend is the tight-lipped procrastinator.

  7. A man who actually talks about his feelings? You want to keep a hold of this one, so much easier than having to second guess everthing he might, just might, be thinking.

  8. Hahaha, we are totally alike in that respect, my parents know NOTHING about me. I dread the day they find my Internet presence.

  9. My mom reads my blog and that's pretty much how she finds out about my life. I just realized this fact (or accepted it I should say) about six months ago. Kinda sad. Kinda not.

    I say stick to what works for you.

  10. DDG - I knew you'd get me! :)

    Sara - a tight lipped procrastinator? Doesn't that take away half of his procrastination techniques?

    Petty Witter - Trust me, I'm a holding on.

    angry redhead - I KNOW right? It would be horrifying for me if they found it.

    x - did you tell her about your blog? or did she find it by herself?

  11. It's interesting, because you do share so much of yourself here. I guess it feels like a release with no pressure? Yeah, readers are like that.

    But I'm glad IC is having this effect. He is bringing out something new and wonderful in you, and I'm sure you are doing the same for him too. Unfortunately, we can't go read his blog and find out what it is!