Tuesday, December 01, 2009

You people never cease to surprise and amaze me, and I like it.

Yesterday's post about napping garnered two responses that I just did not see coming.

The first was Matthew's who mistakenly thought he had confused me with someone else when he recalled my past of banging Cuban's. Don't be foolish Matthew of course that was me! To be fair though, I only banged Cuban girls before I got that part Off Off-off Off-off-off in my imagination's broadway show as the marshmellow monster from Ghostbusters: The Musical, can we take a moment to reflect on how awesome that broadway show would be? And it was only a short stint of seediness before I joined the respectful again by sharing beds with Australians, obviously!

The second was Susan's response that there was a correlation to being in love and napping. Who knew? I've been diagnosed! Mystery solved. I just didn't understand the symptoms!


  1. Always a pleasure, never a chore - although I'm a little miffed that Susan seems to have made a better point than me.

    I'll get over it though. Somehow.

  2. Haha! You have funny and clever commentators ;)

  3. Nap? Did someone say nap? Sounds like heaven!

  4. Matthew - Susan is a wise wise woman, but frankly, I never can get enough about talking about all them cuban girls. So I appreciate you bringing it up :)

    DDG - Yes I do. Thank goodness, you're one of them!

    Twenty Four at Heart - I know right? Such is the life of the unemployed.