Friday, January 08, 2010

2 AM is not when I am good at's when I am good at sleeping.

So, it's 2 AM. I went to sleep at 9:30, sadly I am wide awake now. Hi!

See, I was in the middle of this dream where my aunt and I were trying to decide how we should keep these crazy wild horses safe for the night and I went out to the garage to ask my dad and he had just driven in on a tractor and when he opened the door to let the dogs out a rat came out too and it started leaping on me and (is this how you like your run on sentences?) I tried to push it away but I couldn't and it was so realistic that I did I giant scissor kick in my sleep which for obvious reasons woke me up with my heart pounding and breathing accelerated and looky here I'm still awake.

And then, while I still kind of half asleep I started to think about plastic bags again, which I am not going to lie to you, when I wrote about that keeping me up at night I was kind of joking except that now it IS keeping me up at night. I've decided this garbage bag issue is the fault of supermarkets and over packaging (which twenty minutes ago I was all "I am a genius!" and now realise that I've known this all along and so must a billion other people. I am not my smartest in the wee hours of the morning). We used to use reuseable milk cartons that were delivered to our door by the milkman. We used to go to individual shops to get our meat, fruits, veggies, and dry goods - not a supermarket where things were packaged within an inch of their lives. Now we have to throw all that packaging away - milk cartons are waxed cardboard (unrecycle-able) or plastic jugs (non-reuseable).

Which obviously reminds me of Ellen's Here and Now special - if you've spent 5 minutes with me you know I quote this special All. The. Time (and How I Met Your Mother, I love you Jason Segel). I tried to find just that clip from the special, sadly I could find is this (go to 5:30 if you want to skip to her packaging bit - that's what she said?):

It's now rolling on to 3 AM. Ye gods, why am I not asleep?


  1. I don't have a solution for your dilemma but I do think about what I buy and how it's packaged and try and make smart choices.

    And LOL at the giant scissor kick.

  2. Ha! The Ellen packaging thing is hilarious!

  3. I too love Ellen! It's a pain trying to get back to sleep after a nightmare, the brain seems to go into overdrive!
    Thanks very much for your comment over at mine x

  4. Huh? Wild horses, a tractor and a rat????

    I love Ellen and this was hilarious. Go back to sleep! No wait, it's not 3 am anymore, is it?

  5. linlah - I am so glad you do! I try to, too.

    Jill - she is a very funny woman.

    Brighton mum-teenage angst - I know right. It works at a million miles per hour!

    DDG - Obviously; my dreams can't be any clearer. Ellen is a funny woman.

  6. I think you did a fine job of writing at 2 AM, although I understand that you really should have been sleeping. I hate those nights. Ellen is wonderful!

  7. Chris - Aw, thanks! How great is Ellen?

    Kristin - I am so sorry, hope you got to sleep!