Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Environmental Wednesday: Plastic Bags Take 2

Months ago I wrote a post about The Trash Vortex and how plastic bags are the devil. My housemate and I use plastic grocery bags (that she brings her groceries home in) for garbage bags.

This makes me feel like a hypocrite, didn't I just write that plastic bags were the devil? So, what CAN you throw your rubbish in? I just found these biodegradable bags on the internets. But I am not sure if using the petrol to get the bags from the US to Australia is environmentally sound, you know?

I haven't seen biodegradable bags at the grocery store here - although granted I haven't looked that hard.

How can we actually make a difference with this kind of stuff? It seems so bottomless. I mean I can't even imagine what people did before plastic garbage bags - I realise that some of the issue is that food scraps should be composted which would reduce household rubbish and make trash bags less yucky. But honestly, what did people do?

Anyone got any brilliant solutions?

Because this has been keeping me up at night. And I am nothing if not a selfish environmentalist. Let's solve this plastic bag thing - so I can sleep at night, ple-ease.


  1. I have no idea, but it is something I am always struggling with. Keep me posted if you find a god alternative.

  2. Thats why I love going to Germany (nothing to do with the chocolate you understand) - the free cloth bags you seem to get everytime you shop.

  3. Well SOME people just threw it in their back 40, but frankly in a lot of places it was stinking and disgusting and piled up in certain areas. That's why garbage/disposal companies make lots of money and have interesting, uh, connections. You know -- for when you want to get rid of things.

    My sister has a bit of land and what she doesn't outright ocmpost she feeds to her ducks and chickens. But the stuff you can't compost or feed to something? Sorry to say it goes in a landfill.


  4. Susan - I will, I'd definitely order up some of those biodegradable trash bags if I lived in the US.

    Petty Witter - Yes, Australians do that too - can we talk about those milka eggs with the chocolate mousse inside just for a moment...yum.

    Pearl - What about city people? you know just after they stopped throwing it in the street and BEFORE plastic bags; what was there then?

  5. I use plastic bags for disposing of used kitty litter.
    Those cheap re-useable grocery bags are damaging to the environment, sweatshop labor-produced, and has the social impact of wearing a plastic bracelet espousing the cause of the moment: "I care about a dollar's worth ".