Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can write e-cards OR birthday cards too...my skills know no bounds.

Hi, it's been a while! I am sorry.

See, I had a job interview on Friday and normally I wouldn't talk about such things on my blog because well, I hate admitting that I failed, yet again, to get a job. Because I am crazy. Anyway, so on Friday I went to this interview - I am 89% sure I won't get the job and I'm 78% sure I don't really want it anyway.

But I am glad I went just because now I have this story, a gem - ok that might be overselling it - to tell from the interview...

They asked me a bunch of questions about a bunch of stuff that I had no idea about because, um, shock! But I am not qualified for the job. Then they asked me if I was good at written communication and if I could write for and to a variety of sectors.

I kicked the answer out of the park. "As an undergraduate, I went to a liberal arts university which puts me in a unique position compared to your Australian applicants. At a liberal arts institution you take a variety of subjects in a range of disciplines. For example, I majored in physics which gives me the capacity to write a scientific report and communication complex science concepts and theories. However, I also minored in film, took anthropology, sociology, and philosophy as well as environmental science and maths subjects. This range of subjects and my excellent marks in these classes demonstrates my ability to write and communicate to a variety of different sectors and levels."

"Uh huh," says one of the guys on the panel, "But can you write an e-mail?"


  1. HA! Hilarious. Good job for going on the interview, even if you didn't want the job. It's good experience, and after enough interviews you're so comfortable doing the schtick that you actually get a job!

    Good luck in you search mama! I know it's a bitch!

  2. All that other stuff is great, but can you write and email? ;) Keep on trucking you'll get something fantastic soon enough.

  3. Ha! This is hilarious. Interviews suck.

  4. Ev Rev - Seriously, we're like commenting psychics!

    linlah - e-mail correspondence is tricky.

    Megs - Thanks!

    Jill - I KNOW right? the whole process is yucky.

  5. I'm pretty sure you have successfully written me an email, so they should totally offer you the job you don't want so you can turn it down.

  6. If all you need to be able to do is write an email then maybe my 13 year old stepson can apply for the job. It's about time he added to the household funds...

  7. Skye - Thank you! Maybe I can use you as a recommendation?

    Matthew - Perhaps he'd have to move to middle of no where Victoria though.

  8. Don't get me started about job interviews. Ugh! Can't the perfect job just land on your lap?

  9. I was just about to say - yes or no would have actually answered the question, hehe.

    iCringe because I'm in HR and everyone has a love/hate relationship with us. :( I wish I could offer you some helpful tips, but I think you have what you need to get the job - but it's just a tough, tough market particularly if you're from overseas.

    Stay positive and I am SURE you will find the right job soon enough.