Friday, January 01, 2010

In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney says "News Years eve is the single biggest let down of the year" It's just Barney's WRONG.

We, Inspector Climate and I, had big plans for new years eve. We were going to go to Williamstown and sit on a pier and watch all the fireworks in the city from there. Of course a giant thunder and lightening storm hit and we found ourselves powerless and leaning out his apartment window enjoying the cool air, big rain drops, and natural light show. We went to bed hours before midnight.

He woke me up to kiss me at midnight knowing that I had never had a new years kiss. Perfection.

New years always reminds me of When Harry Met Sally. A movie I can probably quote word for word and have seen at least 4o times. A movie, that pathetically enough, has probably had the second most (only coming in after my parents) influence on how I view relationships. I love that dress she wears that first New Years with Harry. And her hair - I envy the frizz-free curls, how does hair do that?

Anyway, I am not much on new years resolutions. But I would love to steal hear yours?

But I would like to thank you for being with me at Decoybetty. My traffic has quadrupled over the last year and that is only in part because of all the google searches for "peed in plastic pants" and "Ted Mosby Hair Style" I love each and every one of your comments and enjoy reading your blogs and sharing with you. Here's to 2010, with a bunch of new adventures waiting for all of us. Write on.


  1. Frizz free curls. HA! That doesn't actually exist in real life, FYI :)

    Happy 2010!

  2. 1) Barney is right!
    2) Her dress is amazing at the first new years, second one not so much.
    3) Harry is my insight into the male mind.
    4) New Year resolution is to give up soda.

  3. Does your New Year's kiss count as a second first kiss?

  4. Kyle - OH dream is smashed :)

    Becky - Naw, Barney isn't wrong you just have to lower expectations sometimes...Oh clearly the first new years...the second one - NO ONE NEEDED THAT. I didn't realise you were such a soda fiend.

    linlah - I hope so!

  5. Awww, I love that he woke you up to give you your first New Year's Eve kiss!

    I spoke with my sister on the phone about 15 minutes ago, and she's watching When Harry Met Sally on tv. I bought that movie recently and this entry has solidified my decision to watch it, especially since I have no recollection whatsoever of the dress she wore on New Year's Eve.

  6. I used to like the new year, now I don't like nuthin'.

  7. Wonderful post. New Year's Eve is slightly over rated but mainly because people do expect so much out of it. I agree with Becky on When Harry Meet Sally. I think that maybe I'm in the same boat with the When Harry Meet Sally shaping the way I see relationships. I just see this movie as a rather realistic love story. Am I way off?

    I actually have no New Years resolutions. I have a 3 year plan because that's when I start my next decade.

  8. To me, that's a PERFECT New Years. So sweet, simple, and romantic.

    I haven't seen the Harry and Sally thing in SO long. I used to watch it a lot during my college days.

    I love the plastic pants thing. It's so funny to read the keywords that bring people to our blogs.

    Anyway, happy 2010 to you!!!