Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's getting funky up in here.

Yesterday, I was walking along a little suburban street. Minding my business. When this woman stops her car and gets out and yells "THAT BASTARD HIT MY CAR" to no one in particular. I glance her way, and she says "Did you see that!" I shake my head no, more convinced she's a slice of crazy because she is the only car on the road. She then continues on yelling, but at me this time, "GREAT. That's just GREAT!"

"Sorry!" I say.

"WHATEVER. TODAY SUCKS," she screams as she gets back into her car.

I walk on swinging my bag and wondering if 2010 is going to be bring strangers to me at an accelerated rate - because I am not sure I can handle your funky, yo.

But the real reason that things are funky up in here is I've been in a Yoga Funk. I go to yoga at least 4 times a week. Usually, I am super excited to go and once I get on the mat I feel zen like. It's easy to let my mind focus on my breathing and all that yogic bullshit ahem aligned shakras and mula bandha and the like.

Recently, I drag myself to class and the whole time I day dream about sundried tomato, brie and avocado sandwiches made on unrealistically delicious gluten free bread lightly toasted and with a smidge of mustard.

In fact, recently I feel like this towards yoga:

Which is mostly to say I feel like an angst-y teenage girl. But I keep forcing myself to go, because well 1. I already paid for classes and 2. I am pretty sure I'll get out of this funk soon enough. Right? Right?

I also decided that I did want to have a New Years resolution. But instead of trying to change the plethora of things that are wrong with me (irrational, prone to crankiness, letting my imagination run away with me, overdramatic at times etc. etc. etc.), I decided that I should try and enhance the good things.

This year I resolve to love better and love more.

I resolve to be grateful for the little things and the big things and to show that appreciation.

I resolve to laugh more.


  1. In order to laugh more you're going to have to line up some funny stuff more often.

  2. Now these are the sorts of resolutions we should all make! It would certainly make the world a better place.

    Wow, crazy does seem to RUN to you. Maybe you have the sort of face that says "I'll sympathize". I don't think I have that sort of face.

  3. I have to admit, I give this woman mad kudos for sharing her crazy with a complete stranger. Because let's admit, we all scream things like that sometimes...in our heads. She just let the crazy out loud!

  4. I feel the same way about the gym. How about a compromise - I'll do your salute to the sun if you do my hover and crunches?

  5. Dude, embrace those crazy strangers. They provide hours of blog entertainment.

    Fiona Apple = OMG love her.

  6. I'm pretty sure there are guys on craigslist who'll help you out with the whole "more love" thing.

  7. Would it be improper to include laughing at the crazy people as part of your resolution?

  8. Susan - So true. I'll have to be better at seeing the humour in the ridiculousness too :)

    Jummy - Hah! Maybe - I have a theory that I just look lost a lot.

    Kyle - It is a brave thing to do. I just wish people would stop yelling at me, you know?

    Matthew - Yoga is no cake walk for the abs, I promise! But if that's the offer, I think I'll stick to my yoga mat, thanks.

    Candice - It's true, they do! I know right. She's so angsty.

    Jay - HAHAHA...You're so right. If things are looking rough keeping that new years resolution I'll certainly start looking them up :)

    linlah - I hope not...that certainly would limit my laughter if I couldn't laugh at the crazies!

  9. Yum. That sandwich sounds delicious. Except it has things I can't eat, like everything except maybe the bread.

    Good luck with your shakras :)

  10. I will be thinking about that sandwich all day. You know what, you've inspired me to go to the gym tonight even though I hate it!

    Thank you.

  11. And you will do all of those things. :)

  12. Those are excellent NY's resolutions, in my view. Here's mine for 2010: to stop fretting about the things I have absolutely no control over, and to put more energy into the things I have the power to affect in some way.

    Wishing you all the best this year. Congrats on all the new traffic!

  13. Love your resolutions! And I'm in a yoga funk too!! Let's hope we both get out of it soon!

  14. I like the resolutions, good stuff.

    Just checked through your blog archives...youve been at this forever!