Monday, January 11, 2010

Peanut Butter and JELLY, sing it with me now...

As discussed quite a bit here, I am a picky eater. Part of this isn't my fault, thanks for that Gluten Allergy - I love you, too. Part of that is totally my fault, being a vegetarian that's my choice. But I do like peanut butter. A Lot.

(What do I like? Peanut Butter! When do I want? NOW. Which speaking of lame chants...I went to the Walk Against Warming a few weeks ago - and one of the chants they tried to start was.."What do we want? A Safe Climate Deal; When do we want it? NEXT WEEK" Is that not the lamest chant you've ever heard?)

Inspector Climate tries to have food at his house that I'll eat: gluten free pasta, lots of rice and veggies, and peanut butter. The peanut butter became an upgraded staple in his house (he moved to The Big Jar) when I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat so I ate a (albeit large) spoonful of the stuff straight from the jar, tasty. I think most Americans do this? I mean if you like peanut butter - it's a From The Source kind of spread, no?

I also eat peanut butter on apples.

Or on gluten free bread.

Sometimes with honey drizzle over it.

Sometimes with Jelly.

Sometimes with Nutella.

These things horrify Inspector Climate "PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA SANDWICH?" he exclaims. Um, slice of heaven?

"Peanut butter on apples" he says with, yes please?

Apparently, according Inspector Climate, Australians do not mix spreads. It's either Peanut Butter OR Jelly. or Nutella OR Peanut Butter.

Think of all the crazy combinations they are missing out on!

And yet, he - Inspector Climate - seems to think it is perfectly fine to eat baked beans in a toasted sandwich. Which I've heard of beans on toast....but a baked bean sandwich? Eek! Or even stranger, any leftovers in the fridge he'll put between two pieces of bread and call a sandwich - risotto sandwich? Curry sandwich? And yet nutella and apple is completely odd...le sigh.

In summation, peanut butter is awesome.



  1. Peanut butter and banana...also a slice of heaven.

  2. oh my.... time for a sandwich

  3. The absolute grossest thing I ever saw was a peanut butter and ...butter sandwich. EW. But I would so down with PB and Nutella! Hells to the (calories and) yeah!

  4. Growing up, we always had peanut-butter and celery sticks after school. It was fun to stuff the tunnels of the celery sticks full.

    I've tried to cut down on processed food lately, and in so doing have found the best sandwich ever. Peanut butter and sliced strawberries... cut out the jelly middleman all together! MmmMmmm.

  5. Your inspector climate sounds a bit like my Chilean bf. He can bring himself to eat it on occasion, but when I brought up making a PB & J he looked at me like I suggested we slaughter a chicken, rub it with peanut butter before doing a naked moonlight dance around it.

  6. Salty Miss Jill - A classic! I don't really like bananas which is why I didn't list it. but yes!

    Skye - Thank you!

    Winters Reaper - the real question is what will be in it?

    Kyle - peanut butter and butter? would depend on how much butter I'd say ... I've been known to do carrots and peanut butter...I know WEIRD.

    Aura - yes! totally celery! I like it your way to get over the jam situation, BRILLIANT!

    Sara - Nothing like being smothered in peanut butter and doing a moonlight dance :)

  7. Peanut butter and chocolate spread, one of my favourites and so much more tastier than baked bean sandwiches, now that's just weird - lol.

  8. Peanut Butter makes me feel wiggly on the inside so I don't eat too much of it but I want to. I want to eat LOTS of it.

  9. I think you know how I feel about peanut butter... Can't live without it! But my boy doesn't like PB with J either. Just PB.

    Check this out:

  10. Walk against warming? Last week?

    Must have been a bit hot by the end of it?

  11. Petty Witter - I know right!? How good is chocolate spread with peanut butter? So good in fact that I can't actually BUY chocolate spread.

    linlah - I am so sorry, sometimes it doesn't make me feel good's very sad.

    Emma - I do know how you feel about peanut butter. And that website! Now that's some Peanut Butter Love.

    Matthew - no the walk against warming was in december sometime. It wasn't very hot at all, actually.

  12. Off topic from peanut butter and gluten-free goodies, I thought I'd reply to your post about Wilco on here in case you're not linked back automatically.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either “A Ghost is born” or “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.” I think “Yankee” kind of marked a new direction for them, they’d been releasing country-ish stuff in the mid-90’s. I’ve heard great things about “Sky Blue Sky” which they released in 2006, but I haven’t nabbed it yet. The 2009 release, “Wilco (the Album)” was solid.

    Check out this from “Yankee”
    And this from “Ghost” and get a feel.

    If you'll excuse me I'm going to go get a 1am PB fix.

  13. fried peanut butter sandwiches for the WIN!

    And Sao crackers with PB. Mmmmmmm.

    And a baked bean toasted sandwich is NOTHING without a slice of cheese in there. Ommmm nommmm nommm

  14. We, the Dutch, don't mix spreads either.
    Peanut butter on apples???!!!!!!!
    That's so wrong.
    Ok, you're an alien.

  15. Kristin - I know right. It's a problem!

    Brian - thanks so much for the tips! I look into in today :) Mmm a 1 pm PB fix!

    Kelley - fried pb sandwiches? like deep fried? Inspector Climate does on occasion put a slice of cheese in with the baked beans.

    DDG - no pb and nutella? I am not sure that's living? and apples and peanut butter is gooood I promise.

  16. I am late, but: INSPECTOR CLIMATE IS UNAUSTRALIAN. Vegemite and cheese is a classic Australian pairing of flavours. We even invented a whole new Vegemite to make it easier (iSnack 2.0, what what!)

    Agree with PB & banana. PB & honey. PB & honey & banana (Elvis sandwich when fried!). PB & jam. PB & chocolate.

    I used to do Nutella and fried egg on toast when I was a kid. Also vegemite and fried egg on toast... I was very experimental.