Monday, January 18, 2010

Redaction and an apology to John-the-Beatle

So, Inspector Climate and I are on the way to the tennis and I'm all "I am going to have to put a redaction on my blog because John-the-Beatle pulled through with free passes...Do I mean redaction? To redact?"

And Inspector Climate said, "Um, no silly: retraction. You mean retraction. And you have to put it in little print somewhere on your blog where no one will see it."

But as it turns out, redaction is a word! Victory!

Anydoodle the point is, I am sorry John-the-Beatle. You are amazing. You got Inspector Climate and I free passes to go to the Kooyong Classic on Saturday - for the final! - and I got to see Djokovic lose (boo ya!) and Fernando (who is now single again, ladies! Watch out Melbourne!) win! They didn't play each other, but still. I'll shall never doubt John-the-Beatle's networking skills again. Because seriously, what's not to love about this:

Nothing. Everything is to love about that.

I'm off to the first day of the Australian Open 2010 today. It's chilly and raining which is a nice change from last year when it was approximately a billion degrees and Jess and I barely survived. May guess is this year we'll be on the mission for hot chocolate in stead of slurpees.

Stay tuned for more scintillating tennis stories!


  1. Never doubt John-the-Beatle again! Fernando is super cute. What's not to love about that, indeed!

  2. I only knew the difference between redaction and retraction becuase I was doing a difficult translation a while back. That is sad.

  3. Every good author has to redact every now and again.

  4. Susan - Isn't he?

    Selina - I know, very impressive!

    Sara - Well, at least you know! I thought I was making up words again...

    linlah - This is all I am saying.