Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is a good post title in here somewhere with "hunger" "love" and "sick," but I am too sleepy to come up with it.

I was going to write a post about how Inspector Climate and I hit a relationship milestone over the weekend. See Inspector Climate got sick and I made a lame attempt to take care of him (which mostly revolved around holding frozen water bottles to his face and neck because it was like 45C which is roughly 113F and he had a fever). But the truth is, it was pretty non-eventful, I mean he was sick but a perfect, good natured patient. Unlike me who is whiny and demanding, and lazy.

But I can't think straight enough to make that into a real post because I am hungry. I am hungry because Inspector Climate's sickness verged on stomach flu like symptoms and when I hear the words "stomach flu" my immediate reaction is to stop eating. Yesterday, for example, I ate two very small bowls of plain rice. Today, I might eat plain rice and then plain rice pasta (mmm rice in a different form!). Sometimes I wonder if this is the smart or dumb way to approach sickness? Am I just weakening my immune system by not feeding it properly? I know from previous stomach flu encounters when I don't eat I don't get as sick as the people around me.

But what I want are any of the following:

Brown rice and spinach casserole with pumpkin seeds. It's the ultimate comfort food with just the right amount of cheesy/creamyness to stick the rice together. Yum.

Sesame noodles.

A spinach salad with candied walnuts, apples, goat's cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Parmesan cakes with home made tomato sauce and pasta.

and a nap.


  1. Love or not, anyone who even hints at having a stomach flu is on their own.

  2. Hunger, Love and Sickness, I wouldn't wish that combo of emotions on any one :P

    Even while posting about someone being ill, your post, as always still managed to make me hungry.

  3. The nap sounds good... think I'm going to go take one right now... for about eight hours...

  4. bring on the parmesan cakes I tell you! It's just that they're delicious. When I'm sick I crave peanut butter on toast.... I don't know why....

  5. Those are the healthiest food cravings I have ever seen!

  6. Where did you find a man who managed to stay fairly human despite being ill? - about as rare as hens teeth in my opinion.

  7. Your comfort food is so different from mine :)
    Please feed yourself, because you're making me hungry.

  8. Starving a stomach flu seems like the right thing to do.

  9. Twisted Susan - haha, yeah I left him when the stomach flu systems started appearing...because I am a bad girlfriend.

    Kyle - Hah! You're probably right.

    Owen - I didn't take one at all...where's the justice?

    Becky - I think I am going to make them from Inspector Climate on sunday...I used to crave peanut butter until I had the stomach after eating ONLY peanut butter for like 3 days...ew.

    The Zadge - I'm a healthy girl!

    Petty Witter - I don't know! He's a magical mystery of Awesome.

    DDG - What's yours? A few more days of plain food diet should set me straight I'd think.

    linlah - I am glad you concur! it makes me feel less crazy.

  10. oh, can I get those recipes???