Thursday, January 14, 2010

Um, excuse me Miss, how old are you?

Let me preface this by saying I am not the gambling kind. I drove through Las Vegas and didn't gamble at all.

A couple of weeks ago, John-The-Beatle and I were wondering around and he found a dollar in his pocket and decided he'd go to the pokies and see if he could turn that dollar into one thousand dollars.*

I had a never even really set foot in a casino except walking through at a fast pace trying to get to my hotel room in Vegas, but we marched into Crown and walked to the slot machines. As we headed through the gate this bouncer blocked my way and said "um, Miss, excuse me, can I see some ID." So I reach into my bag to show him my license while John-the-Beatle laughs at me and says "I told you, you look twelve" (he by the way is only twenty and was ushered right in...). Before I can even get my license out the bouncer says to me, "Um, wait how old are you?"

My mind goes blank and I stutter, "Twenty...Twent, um, Twenty four." and he lets me through without even looking at my ID even though it seems pretty obvious that a. I don't know how old I am or b. I am lying. Either way, verifying my ID seems wise.

Meanwhile this other couple, probably in their mid 30s and look it, who came out of NO WHERE turn to me and says "doesn't it feel great when they still card you?" I smiled and nodded. And felt slightly perturbed that they would think I am soooo old that being carded is a boost to my self esteem.

See the age to get into anything in Australia is 18. When I worked at the Liquor Business, I was told to card anyone who looked 12 to 30. I don't find it an honour being carded nor does it surprise to me, particularly because I frequently wear my hair in pigtails and wear sundresses a la five year olds. But more so, because as a liquor store employee, I would have been fined $10,000 for selling to an under-age costumer which is a lot of dough considering I only made $8 an hour.

That ladies and gentlemen is how you awkwardly enter a casino for the first time and don't gamble any of your own money.

*John-the-Beatle turned that one dollar into five. Impressive.


  1. oh dont mind the older couple they were most likely three sheets to the wind.... if you know what I mean...

    after he won $5 did he walk away?

  2. I totally look 12 too! I was carded multiple times in the same night at a casino - in Canada, where you only have to be 19.. oh well! And if you like Kingsolver, you definitely won't be disappointed by her new one :)

  3. Give it ten, fifteen years, you'll love it!

    This rather dashing chap on the supermarket checkout asked if I was old enough to buy the case of wine I had in my trolley.

    Yep, cheesey but it made me smile for the rest of the day !!!

  4. lol. I had the opposite happen to me. We were in Louisiana. I decided to stop in the casino and check it out. There were security people blocking the entrance with a sign that mentioned checking ID's.

    For some stupid reason I thought they were checking ALL ID's... So I asked if they needed to see mine. This guy looked at me as if I was nuts, AND desperate to look young enough to want to be carded.

    It was quite humiliating.

    So I guess I look much older than 21 now. It's funny because I've always looked young for my age. Maybe I'm catching up to myself now. Although I AM 37...might be stretching it a bit to expect people to think I'm 21 ; )

  5. Excuse my ignorance but 'pokies'?

    I can remember when I was younger, I would have given anything to look older and now that I am older, what I'd give to look younger. Niece #1 had the embarrassing experience of being asked for ID to buy some whisky truffles, she's 20.

  6. People still card my Mom and she's definitely 51. So when I'm that age, I'd appreciate it, but much

    I got carded goign into a rated R movie like 2 years ago when I was in the U.S. I was like 23 at the time. Silly.

  7. Winters Reaper - He did walk away with the 5.

    TizzieLizzie - Maybe I'll head down to the library to pick it up! thanks for the tip!

    Selina Kingston - Aw, well I'm glad it made your day :)

    Dina - I would totally assume they were checking all ideas, I don't think there is anything odd about that!

    Petty Witter - slot machines. Is that in Australian thing?

    Kyle - hah! at an R rated movie! Now, THAT is silly.