Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why having a boyfriend helps cure unemployment blues...and an example of possibly the most inappropriate time to shout "woo hoo"

The past few days I've fallen into the deep end of unemployment despair. I read posts over at The Yellaphant and Evolutionary Revolutionary about their Finding a Job struggles and I just want to send them tim tams (and I would ladies except mailing things from Australia is expensive...and um, I don't have a job), and post cards, and presents and dance in the streets, and more importantly deliver their dream job to them covered in kittens and puppies and the perfect salary with six weeks of paid leave every year. Because this looking for a job sucks. I am horrible at it. I get discouraged, I am a terrible networker, I am bad at selling myself, and not only do I feel underqualified for every job description I read, I keep getting told that I just don't have enough experience. AND JUST MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE NO ONE WILL HIRE ME.

And yesterday, while I sent Inspector Climate a multitude of e-mails bemoaning my unemployed and desperate state (it's possible I used words like down-trodden). And he sent me a plethora of e-mails telling me to be optimistic (he may have used words like encouraging) and blah blah blah. And then James Blake lost his match, and oh my god could Wednesday have been any more difficult?

To cheer me up from this horrific puddle of self-hate that I had drown myself in, Inspector Climate dropped my apartment to give me these:

Flowers. He bought flowers because he had a sneaking suspicion that his optimistic rants were not well received (they weren't).

As a side note this is, in fact, the first time a boy has ever bought me flowers. For serious, how sweet is this kid?

So while part of me feels like their bright coloured petals and sunny disposition are laughing at my jobless predicament, part of me knows that it is time to see optimism. I do have a job interviews lined up and more jobs to apply for. I have lecturers who want to see me succeed and friends who listen to me whinge. I even have bloggy friends going through the same struggles and writing about it far more eloquently than I!

To get myself ready for some upcoming interviews and job searches, I went and got my legs and bikini area waxed this morning as a way to ensure I felt as confident and qualified and grown up as possible when I come face to face with an employer. Each time Colleen, a woman I'd never seen before in my life, ripped wax off and hair out of my (sensitive!) bikini line she'd exclaim "woo hooo!" while I cringed in uncomfortableness and pain.

But at least there's a woman who enjoys her work, am I right?


  1. You're kind of right and kind of wrong all at the same time. I can only imagine 'yee hah' to be more inappropiate.

    But hey; at least there's one woman left on the planet who gets excited about hair....?

  2. As a pain distraction tactic, woo hoo, in this situation is at the top of the list.

  3. Now THAT is a job which could not possibly pay enough.

  4. Searching for jobs is the most awful soul sucking thing anyone can do. I am a nanny partly because I find it so much easier to 1. find the jobs and 2. go on the interview. How am I suppose to get a job I want when I don't qualify for anything? How do people get this experience that is required? I can only imagine this is multiplied by a million when you are in a foreign country.

    As to the last part. I was reading this in the library and I laughed so hard I snorted. I have no idea what I would do if someone was shouting that as she ripped wax off my sensitive area.

  5. Matthew - story of my life: being kind of wrong and kind of right.

    Linlah - Well, she did it AFTER she ripped off the hair - not during. So the pain was not dulled.

    salty miss jill - I KNOW right. they are pretty well paid here though, I mean I find it to be kind of expensive.

    Megs - it is so terrible! Ugh. I am glad it gave you laugh :)

  6. Dear I think you are plenty eloquent! I never use words like pleathora or even multitude, let alone in the same sentence! I, for one, love your writing.

    On job hunting - No one is ever qualified for any job, I think. In fact, don't tell but I've never EVER done the kind of work I'm looking for. But damnit, I'm gonna fake it till I learn how! (Fake it till you make it!)

    Lastly, I will not accept tim-tams from unemployed people. ;) Shipping to France costs enough to feed a small country! Or yourself!

  7. OH! and I totally heart Inspector Climate. Good man, good man.

  8. Ev Rev - why thank you, Juliet. Inspector Climate is a good man. And re: the job hunt it is sooo hard, I feel like I don't ever get the interviews for the jobs I am qualified for! Grr. the whole process makes me cranky.

  9. My boyfriend does the same stuff. He´s always trying to do annoying things like "life my mood" and give me "positive reinforcement". I'm going to tell him to just head straight for the flowers next time.

    Oh and I really feel your pain about looking for a job. My prof said if I was looking for a job for less than a year in Chile she would consider me lucky becuase it´s that much harder for a foreigner to find a job.

    Good luck!

  10. Might I ask what kind of jobs you are applying for that you need your bikini area waxed? Is this just not an elaborate cover for your getting all smooth for IC? Well, he deserves it, he's such a peach.

  11. Sara - I know! Who knew boyfriends could be so obnoxious - always trying to make us feel better, jeesh. The job search SUCKS.

    Susan - Hah, no the bikini wax is because it's SUMMER and thus bikini's are worn! But yes, Inspector Climate does deserve a clean cut woman. Ahem.

  12. AMEN, SISTER! "Down-trodden" is the perfect description, I'd say. And don't worry, I went out and bought myself some Tim Tams to cheer myself up. Did you know they sell them in America now?! Well, temporarily anyway. Which reminds me, I have to go to the store and buy 100 more packages.