Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you know me well, you know...

While I was clicking around the blogosphere a few days ago I came across this post and decided it was brilliant and I would steal the idea.

If you know me well, you know that I will not watch movies about animals that get lost or hurt. Lassie and Homeward Bound are two examples. I just can't do it.

If you know me well, you know that the sound of flies buzzing around my face actually makes me super cranky.

If you know me well, you know that I always make my bed with hospital corners, would rather wear a skirt than pants, and cannot understand why it takes people so long to get ready in the morning.

If you know me well, you know that I have a rule against eating food at the movie theatre until the movie actually starts, that I feel like someone else when I wear my glasses, and that I do not like answering the phone unless I know who is calling.

If you know me well, you know that I cannot fathom why people run if they are not being chased, that one of my life goals is to stick both my feet behind my head, and that I do not think, unlike commentators at the Australian Open, that Roger Federer's serve is underrated (in fact, I am pretty sure it perfectly awesome).

If you know me well, you know that while I am not very good at trying and learning new things, I'll try nearly any cheese put in front of me - regardless of its smelly/moldy appearance.

If I knew you well, what would I know?


  1. Hmmm, if you know me well you know:

    1. That if the Brits love a movie or TV show, it is probably excellent.

    2. That if you laugh often enough and hard enough, you can give your abs a workout.

    3. That in the end, relationships are all that really matter in this life.

    4. That there are two kinds of people in the world: chocolate people and vanilla custard people. I am a vanilla custard person.

  2. Love the part about not understanding why people run when not being chased. Hmmm...maybe they are training for the event that they will be chased one day? Seems like a lot of work for something that's not certain.

    If you know me well, you know:

    1. I refuse to foster cats anymore because I'm worried I'm going to become the crazy cat lady down by the tracks - I already have four!

    2. I'm a sucker for Canadian music and literature.

    3. I'm a vegetarian unless you get me near some really amazing ethnic food, like lasagne made my little old Italian ladies or Greek souvlaki. Or bacon sometimes... I'm a bad vegetarian.

    Okay, I have to put this on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. If you knew me well, you wouldn't need to ask! ;)

  4. I love this idea. I might steal it.

    I might begin the post with this: If you know me well, you know how badly I want a t-shirt that says, "Who farted?"

  5. Hi Deidre

    I love this post!

    If you knew me well you'd know that I can't go absolutely anywhere without a book.

    If you knew me well you'd know that I always get a little bit nervous before I have to make a phone call, no matter who I'm calling or why.

    If you knew me well you'd know that although I give the outward impression that I'm completely calm, in control and confident inside I'm a bag of nerves always thinking that someone will see through me.

    There is a little something for you over at my blog.

  6. that I agree with all your points except the skirt-wearing one, putting my feet behind my head, and trying smelly cheese. But, a big thumbs up and a head nod for the others!

  7. Sooo with you on the running and fly buzzing things! Thanks for letting me know you played along :)

  8. Oh my word, I'm not alone... So with you on the movie food thing. It feels like cheating when I open my giant box of Smarties or eat a popcorn before the movie actually starts. That's why I never share with the boyfriend at the movies. If you don't eat fast, you don't eat at all.

  9. Becky - No surprise there, high school friend :)

    Susan - Those Brits do have good senses of humour. And my friends and I used to use this "did you know fact" "did you know everytime you go 'ha' you lose five calories"?

    Savia - honestly, I'd rather just knee the guy in the groin and then walk away spritely like.

    Matthew - apparently I don't know you very well...sad.

    Tina - please do! Haha - I am sure it can be arranged to have one made for you.

    Tuppence - what are you reading? And thank you so much!

    Crystal - Hah, thanks.

    Michelle - no worries! :)

    Love and Stuff - RIGHT? RIGHT? I mean, I'll do it on occasion if I am sharing. But I don't like and it makes me feel a little yucky.

  10. If you knew me well, you'd know that even if I were being chased I'd probably not run. I just hate running THAT much.

  11. (((If you know me well, you know that the sound of flies buzzing around my face actually makes me super cranky.)))

    Finally I found someone that shares my crankiness when I can't get that darn buzzzzzzzing thing :/

    If you knew me well you would know that no matter how many voicemails you leave on my cell phone saying, Hello...Hello...Karen pick up the phone I can't hear you people<<---It's a CELL PHONE! lol

  12. You would know that I'm a cheese junky and I'm up for trying any kind. Oh and I've seen From Justin to Kelly countless times. Don't judge. Ah ha