Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The shoes of my dreams.

Back in September I wrote a post about how I've been looking for the perfect pair of black ballet flats since I moved to Australia in 2008. Yes, I've been dreaming of the perfect footwear for 2 years. When I started the job search, the footwear became a bigger problem because I only have one pair of interview worthy foot accountrement (the shoes featured in the linked post) and they happen to be green. Which makes it awkward to look business-y. ANYWAY (who knew I could ramble on about footwear for this long?), yesterday I was in Camberwell wandering around little shops and I found these! In my size (teeny)!

Hello pretty shoes. Hello unsightly Zorro Chaco Tan lines.

I think footwear offers up a lot of life lessons... Like sometimes, just sometimes, if you wait long enough and don't stress out and embrace patience, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.


  1. I'm going to have to take your advice when it comes to boots! I haven't found them... but now I know that it may take 2 years to get the right pair!

  2. Life lessons can always be assimilated with a good shoe metaphor. I think we have Cinderella to thank for that :)

  3. SIGH. Those would be perfect for me to wear to weddings, and ballet flats are so cute, but they really hurt my feet!

    I love them though, nice choice!

  4. Oh that last line is so full of wisdom.

    And the shoes are so cute - how small and dainty are your feet!

  5. I, too, have been thinking for a long time about your perfect ballet flats. Alas, even in the fashion capitol of the world I could not come up with anything (in my price range) that was good enough for your adorable feet. :( SO glad you found them! They are PERFECT!

  6. Precious! I can't wear pretty ballet flats because of my massive calves and man-like feet. They're not huge feet [size 8 1/2], but there's nothing feminine or pretty about them. Your feet look like tiny, perfect, princess feet. Pretty, kitten!

  7. They're very cute! I have problems finding good footwear because I have foot issues and giant feet. So I know what you mean about waiting for the perfect pair.

  8. Those are cute but if I could wear Vans everyday my life would be complete.

  9. Becky - Oh you'll find them all right! Somewhere where you least suspect them.

    Megs - You're so right. I now blame Cinderella for any shoe related drama.

    Kyle - Have you tried Danskos? They aren't ballet flats but they come in ADORABLE MARYJANES and were made for doctor's and waitresses who are on their feet all the time!

    Selina - Shoes are wisdom. :)

    Ev Rev - AWWW, you're so sweet!

    Chris - But you have the best collection of Danskos ever. I dream of your dansko collection. le sigh.

    Kim - my feet are kind of funny shaped so I totally hear ya. keep looking! they're out there.

    linlah - If I could wear my chacos every day I would - oh wait. I do. hmmm

  10. Very true life lesson...and count your lucky stars for your small feet - when you are almost 5'10" tall, even the cutest shoe doesn't look so cute on my feet!

  11. Pretty shoes. Congrats on your patience & subsequent success