Friday, February 26, 2010

So much to much napping to be done.

let me apologise in advance for what is about to erupt from my finger tips in a mad typing bonanza. i am sick. sick like it feels as if someone took a knife and made length wise cuts down my throat. my head is fuzzy. i have a fever. and i've spent most of today napping. which is why this post is going to be without proper punctuation, capitalisation, and blasted full of typos. because i am very busy and have to get back to sleep.

i have things to do people...sheets to wash, clothes to launder, my bedroom to clean, not to mention job applications to write and mail in. and yet, i've spent most of today napping. napping! napping.

oh, and inspector climate says it's bum bag not bum pack which was reiterated by Meg in the comments! i'd giggle but am afraid giggling would injure my already achy body. why yes, i am ultra whiney today. oh, and don't fret none. bum bags are not sweeping australia in some fit of 90s fondness.

where was i. oh yeah, bedroom to clean. it's disgusting in here. and i'd really like to do something about it but i think i need to take a nap first. I've been awake for nearly two hours...and that's just not right. I have crumbs in my sheets from all the gluten free baking i've been partaking in. which is obviously followed by gluten free eating. which is done in my bed because my bed is my desk. and my table. and my place to throw dirty clothes. and my place to stack paper work...and I know what you're thinking. that's disgusting. and it is disgusting. i wish i had an excuse...i don't. i get the feeling i am going to regret this post...

g'night and let's keep this between you and me but i'd like my mommy to come take of me...

what are your weekend plans?


  1. Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon. If it helps, I'm on a day off today and i'm still in my bed. That's so bad because I too have many, many chores to do and yet sleep is more appealing! When I get up, I'll make some hot soup in your honour xx

  2. Something must be going around the blogosphere, as it sounds like we are suffering from the same affliction. Let's both feel better soon, shall we?

  3. Bum bag is a whole other funny picture in my head. And I'm wondering are gluten free crumbs bigger or smaller than gluten crumbs? Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Bum pack ... bum bag .. hhmm. doesn't sound any better .. almost worse LOL!

    I have a dog that won't stay off my bed, so don't feel too bad. Try constantly sleeping in sand. ICH!

    Plans for weekend: do the report for school that I have put off for 8 weeks now. .. and today.

  5. I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I am also recovering from the EXACT same plague that you just described.

    I *was* blaming the Olympics - an evil conspiracy to bring the worlds germs in to one place simply to target us poor pale Canadians.

    Now that I see that we're all suffering from the same symptoms simultaneously on multiple continents, it must be that this cold has gone viral. As in you-tube viral and it was quite possibly carried by kittens, inspired by kittens, targeting only the best looking, soft hearted bloggers who can never say no to clicking on one more you-tube video. Damn the cute little 3%#! :)

    Feel better!

  6. I always feel better when I yell and scream like a f*cking maniac at the people in my house then throw out everything I can grab.

  7. Selina Kingston - Sleep is more appealing isn't it? Hot soup sounds divine.

    Diary of Why - Yes, please. Let us both drink some tea cough a lung out and then move on, yes?

    linlah - I KNOW RIGHT? gluten free crumbs are both bigger and smaller. it's a conundrum.

    Jessica - Oh, Jessica, what I would do to cuddle with a dog while sleeping...even a sandy dog!

    Aura - I always knew it would come back to kittens. those sneaky adorable kittens.

    Twisted Susan - Hm, I've been practising my moaning but that's as close as I've come to crackin' it.

  8. When you're sick, sometimes it's good to indulge in the bad.

    - sick foods (gluten free goodies)
    - sick outfit (flannel pj + fuzzy yellow socks)
    - sick reading (light subject matter that require little concentration)
    - sick viewing (Golden Girls marathon)


    Feel better soon my friend.

  9. Hope you feel better soon! Why is it when we grow up, we learn to appreciate the power of our mommies?

  10. DDG - Thank you! I did participate in most of those things over the weekend...(sick food - Inspector Climate made me lentil soup; sick outfit - one of his sweatshirts. so soft, so comfy, so huge; sick reading - job applications?)

    Jill - I know right! le sigh.

  11. I wandered over from The Bloggess and just wanted to say hi and I'm enjoying your blog. I hope you don't mind if I stick around a while and read some more.

  12. Lanned - by all means, please make yourself at home.