Sunday, February 07, 2010

Surprise...grumble grumble grumble...SURPRISE.

I woke up on Saturday morning and my severe case of the grumpies had disappeared. Surprise. It was kind of a surprise because on Friday night I was going to make my ultimate comfort food. The comfort foods of all comfort foods from the box mac n' cheese. I expected it to be some kind of magical Annie's Gluten Free Mac and Cheese delight. Except that the instructions were as follows: add milk, water, and butter to pan and boil. Then add contents of box (macaroni and powdered cheese); cook it down until the sauce has thickened. I cooked it down. And I cooked it down and all I got was mac and cheese soup. It was horrifying.

This isn't to say that I don't still think about the job search all the time. But now I can think about the job search and shower at the same time. Talk about multitasking people. I am the multitasking whisperer.



  1. Mac & cheese soup? The mind boggles.....

    I only hope it's worth the sacrifice!

  2. Mac and cheese ...mmmmmm ;)
    The soup part, not so much.

    Sometimes that gluten free stuff can be interesting.

    BTW: still working on that gf turkish flatbread. My father-in-law wants to know how it turns out as well.

  3. That kitten is adorable [like you :-)]!

    Sorry about the mac and cheese soup, but I'm glad the grumpies have disappeared. "Multitasking whisperer"... funny! That's MY gift too.

  4. Pretty soon you'll be doing three things at a time and you won't even realize it. Don't push yourself or you could have a relapse.

  5. Hahaha!! I LOVE the surprise kitty. The only thing better than surprised kitty is the video responses to it. Check them out. I laughed my arse off.

    And HOORAY for the disappearing gloomies! But I'm with linlah - don't push yourself cause a relapse would be so sad.

  6. Matthew - Yes, I'll never take mac and cheese for granted again.

    Jessica - I know right! It was just that the had the cheese part already combined with the noodle part - it made for awkwardness. really? thanks!

    Chris - Aw, thank you! I always knew you were fellow whisperer :)

    Kyle - exactly!

    linlah - fingers crossed. No no, I wouldn't want to push myself...

    Ev Rev -I know how funny are they? I love the surprised guys. Hilarious.

  7. Wait! You found Annie's gluten free mac and cheese in Oz??? That is one of the things on my comfort-food-I-can't-fucking-find list.

  8. My bad. Should have read the post before I got all giddy excited about cheesy goodness.